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Negative Lyrics on Podcast

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Hi everyone,

I am a great fan of Carl and his podcast. The only thing I am not keen on is some of the lyrics in the music at the end of the show.

For example: "and the kids don't stand a chance" over and over again. Some other negative lyrics also.

I remember hearing a show a while back about the power of language. Surely that such knowledge should be taken into consideration when choosing the lyrics for the show.

Best Wishes,


Posted : September 29, 2021 4:38 PM
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I think the show has a pretty tongue-in-cheek nature a lot of the time.


Nothing should be so sacred that you can't make joke out of it, I for one parody and shit on the things I like most of all! (My wife says "Well if you can't bug the ones you care about...!")


In the same vein, I love off-colour and non pc humor, not because I believe in the sentiment but because the sentiment is often absurd to me.

Posted : February 13, 2022 1:01 AM
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Well these are just the lyrics to the original song. A song I thought would fit with the kind of themes we talk about:

Posted : February 15, 2022 9:13 PM