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Better Guests Needed

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Over the last few years, the quality of guests on this podcast has steadily declined. Most are unintelligent, unhinged and delusional and have little of value to share.

Perhaps the reason is that the level of the audience has declined with the rest of humanity and so it is all being deliberately dumbed-down to meet the needs of the market.

More likely is that humanity's best and brightest have simply aged and become far less bright and there are few to replace them. Joseph Ferrell is a good example of someone many thought was an important researcher but who ultimately turned out to be deeply flawed and simply wrong about so many things. Being a life-long chain smoker probably had something to do with his rapid decline. 

It is apparent that for this podcast to remain of value, far more effort must be made to identify and screen potential guests. They are out there, you just have to start looking in some new places and reduce the number of idiot guests who degrade the podcast and discourage quality guests.


Posted : November 17, 2023 5:03 PM