Christ is King! (?)
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Christ is King! (?)

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Adam Green was on THC in recent months.  There's a 'Christ is King' trending response on X and soc. media currently, more as an antagonism towards Rabbi dildo lunatic Shmuley Boteach and his ilk.  It does beg the old 'Caesar's Messiah' question once again, though: 

What say, you, THC forum lurkers.  Did Jesus of Nazareth exist/was He/he a historical figure, or something else (a la a political fiction...).  I doubt this thread will settle this debate for once and for all, but it's some new thread blood to the forum at any rate...

How Jesus Became God - UCC Part 1 of 3

Caesar's Messiah

Posted : March 25, 2024 4:11 AM