Join Greg Carlwood, host of The Higherside Chats as he talks elongated Paracas skulls, lost continents and ancient mysteries with, Brien Foerster.
While the evidence left behind by ancient cultures clearly indicates a ritual practice of cranial deformation, the reasons for this bizarre custom are still open to speculation. Today’s guest, Brien Foerster has become one of the leading experts of Paracas skulls and dedicated countless years of research to pulling back the curtain to expose what
While we have all heard the legends of ancient cultures partaking in strange and unusual practices, the evidence overwhelming points in many cases we are only left with artifacts to comb through. real life Indiana Jones author,
2:03 While we all know the history books have stuck to the conventional story and ignored any contradictory evidence, unearthered artifacts from across the globe indicate several holes in history. Brien and Greg begin by discussing the ancient global phenomenon of elongated skulls. While in most cases, cranial deformation appears to be an intentional practice among the elites there are some anomalous occurrences that appear to be natural. Foerster describes distinguishing qualities that differentiate naturally elongated skulls from homo sapiens.
7:52 Although the Paracas culture may be one of the least studied cultures in all of Peru, what researchers do know is incredibly fascinating. Aside from the elongated skulls, another interesting  peculiarity about the Paracas culture is their genetically red hair, which is more closely related to Caucasian ancestry than Native American. Foerster explains how the origins of red hair are actually rooted in the Middle East, and after taking migration patterns into account, it is plausible that Nordic and European civilizations can be traced back to Russia,  “the land of red hair”.
13:42 After elaborating on the archetypal ancient teachers such as Quetzalcoatl, Greg and Brien turn their attention to the curious relationship between reptiles and elevators of mankind. Brien explains the symbolism of native oral tradition and the importance of totems such as the serpent, condor and puma in the Inca culture and how this relates to the modern day understanding of consciousness.
16:15 Returning to the ancient sites of Peru and Bolivia, Greg and Brien discuss Tiwanaku and Pumapunku. Foerster details these sites for listeners and explains how elongated skulls have been found throughout many megalithic sites in the world.
20:42 Greg and Brien discuss the Path of Viracocha- an energetic line connecting many of the ancient megaliths . As Foerster explains, there are several indications of esoteric use for these sites including the use of high forms of technology, even beyond our capabilities today. He also details how the varying construction indicates that these are three separate ancient civilizations.
28:19 Revisiting The Path of Viracocha, Greg and Brien discuss the elaborate network of underground tunnels running beneath, connecting several ancient sites. Foerster continues by describing local lore of a subterranean lake only accessible through these tunnels, and details his personal explorations of these tunnels of Cusco. He also elaborates on the research and findings of a French exploration team investigating  a mile long passage from Saqsaywaman to Coricancha and the tunnels found deep within Giza Plateau.
34:49 Taking one step closer to the realm of weird, Greg and Brien discuss the curious case of the amphibian-humanoid skull uncovered in a cave labyrinth including one peculiar aspect of this particular find: a three-fingered hand.
40:18 Brien expands on his thoughts and research of Easter Island, as well as, whether or not they share any connection to other ancient sites like those in Peru.
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