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Join Greg Carlwood, host of The Higherside Chats as he talks elongated Paracas skulls, lost continents and ancient mysteries with, Brien Foerster.
While the evidence left behind by ancient cultures clearly indicates a ritual practice of cranial deformation, the reasons for this bizarre custom are still open to speculation. Today’s guest, Brien Foerster has become one of the leading experts of Paracas skulls and dedicated countless years of research to pulling back the curtain to expose what
While we have all heard the legends of ancient cultures partaking in strange and unusual practices, the evidence overwhelming points in many cases we are only left with artifacts to comb through. real life Indiana Jones author,
2:03 While we all know the history books have stuck to the conventional story and ignored any contradictory evidence, unearthered artifacts from across the globe indicate several holes in history. Brien and Greg begin by discussing the ancient global phenomenon of elongated skulls. While in most cases, cranial deformation appears to be an intentional practice among the elites there are some anomalous occurrences that appear to be natural. Foerster describes distinguishing qualities that differentiate naturally elongated skulls from homo sapiens.
7:52 Although the Paracas culture may be one of the least studied cultures in all of Peru, what researchers do know is incredibly fascinating. Aside from the elongated skulls, another interesting  peculiarity about the Paracas culture is their genetically red hair, which is more closely related to Caucasian ancestry than Native American. Foerster explains how the origins of red hair are actually rooted in the Middle East, and after taking migration patterns into account, it is plausible that Nordic and European civilizations can be traced back to Russia,  “the land of red hair”.
13:42 After elaborating on the archetypal ancient teachers such as Quetzalcoatl, Greg and Brien turn their attention to the curious relationship between reptiles and elevators of mankind. Brien explains the symbolism of native oral tradition and the importance of totems such as the serpent, condor and puma in the Inca culture and how this relates to the modern day understanding of consciousness.
16:15 Returning to the ancient sites of Peru and Bolivia, Greg and Brien discuss Tiwanaku and Pumapunku. Foerster details these sites for listeners and explains how elongated skulls have been found throughout many megalithic sites in the world.
20:42 Greg and Brien discuss the Path of Viracocha- an energetic line connecting many of the ancient megaliths . As Foerster explains, there are several indications of esoteric use for these sites including the use of high forms of technology, even beyond our capabilities today. He also details how the varying construction indicates that these are three separate ancient civilizations.
28:19 Revisiting The Path of Viracocha, Greg and Brien discuss the elaborate network of underground tunnels running beneath, connecting several ancient sites. Foerster continues by describing local lore of a subterranean lake only accessible through these tunnels, and details his personal explorations of these tunnels of Cusco. He also elaborates on the research and findings of a French exploration team investigating  a mile long passage from Saqsaywaman to Coricancha and the tunnels found deep within Giza Plateau.
34:49 Taking one step closer to the realm of weird, Greg and Brien discuss the curious case of the amphibian-humanoid skull uncovered in a cave labyrinth including one peculiar aspect of this particular find: a three-fingered hand.
40:18 Brien expands on his thoughts and research of Easter Island, as well as, whether or not they share any connection to other ancient sites like those in Peru.
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– Antarctica as Atlantis and the recent added attention it’s been getting from the elite

– Velacovsky and radical change in the solar system

– the electric universe and plasma discharge

– Brien’s own UFO encounters

– fairies and gods

– unknown elements of the Incas

– reconstructing a truer picture of central and south american cultures

– ancient machines of the Egyptians

– Briens issues and dismissal of the geopolymer theory

– Akanatan, the Trump of his day

– Balbek and the 33rd parallel

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  1. This it’s a treat to wake up to. I’m excited to get to my slave job and start listening while I perform my mundane tasks. Hey if you can’t free your body, free your mind. That’s where it all starts any way.

  2. With regard to geopolymers and “marshmallow stone”: There are archaeological accounts of early explorers of South America like Hiram Bingham and Percy Fawcett that described the juice from reddish/purplish plant leaves rendering granite soft enough for birds to peck into a solid cliff-face. The action described seems more alchemical than chemical as the geopolymer theories would contend, and reminds me of the ability of alchemists to make glass as soft and supple as leather with some of their concoctions. The geopolymer theory would seem to require more time than described to render a slurry more than a clay-like consistency when used. . .

    From Percy Fawcett’s Journey to the Lost City of Z’ pg 75-77:
    “.. Talking of birds, all through the Peruvian and Bolivian Montana is to be found a small bird like a kingfisher, which makes its nest in neat round holes in the rocky escarpment above the river. These holes can plainly be seen, but are not usually accessible, and strangely enough they are found only where the birds are present. I once expressed surprise that they were lucky enough to find nesting-holes conveniently placed for them, and so neatly hollowed out – as though with a drill.
    “They make the holes themselves.” The words were spoken by a man who had spent a quarter of a century in the forests. “I’ve seen how they do it, many a time. I’ve watched, I have, and seen the birds come to the cliff with leaves of some sort in their beaks, and cling to the rock like woodpeckers to a tree while they rubbed the leaves in a circular motion over the surface. Then they would fly off, and come back with more leaves, and carry on with the rubbing process. After three or four repetitions they dropped the leaves and started pecking at the place with their sharp beaks, and – here’s the marvellous part – they would soon open out a round hole in the stone. Then off they’d go again, and go through the rubbing process with leaves several times before continuing to peck. It took several days, but finally they had opened out holes deep enough to contain their nests. I’ve climbed up and taken a look at them, and, believe me, a man couldn’t drill a neater hole!”
    “Do you mean to say that the bird’s beak can penetrate solid rock?”
    “A woodpecker’s beak penetrates solid wood, doesn’t it? …No, I don’t think the bird can get through solid rock. I believe, as everyone who has watched them believes, that those birds know of a leaf with juice that can soften up rock till it’s like wet clay.”

    From Percy Fawcett’s Journey to the Lost City of Z’ pg 252:
    Another friend of mine told me the following story:
    “Some years ago, when I was working in the mining camp at Cerro de Pasco (a place 14,000 feet up in the Andes of Central Peru), I went out one Sunday with some other Gringos to visit some old Inca or Pre-Inca graves – to see if we could find anything worthwhile. We took our grub with us, and, of course, a few bottles of pisco and beer; and a peon – a cholo – to help dig.
    “Well, we had our lunch when we got to the burial place, and afterwards started in to open up some graves that seemed to be untouched. We worked hard, and knocked off every now and then for a drink. I don’t drink myself, but the others did, especially one chap who poured too much pisco into himself and was inclined to be noisy. When we knocked off, all we had found was an earthenware jar of about a quart capacity, and with liquid inside it.
    ” ‘I bet it’s chicha! said the noisy one. ‘Let’s try it and see what sort of stuff the Incas drank!’
    ” ‘Probably poison us if we do,’ observed another.
    ” ‘Tell you what, then – let’s try it on the peon!’
    “They dug the seal and stopper out of the jar’s mouth, sniffed at the contents and called the peon over to them.
    ” ‘Take a drink of this chicha,’ ordered the drunk. The peon took the jar, hesitated, and then with an expression of fear spreading over his face thrust it into the drunk’s hands and backed away.
    ” ‘No, no, senor,’ he murmured. ‘Not that. That’s not chicha!’ He turned and made off.
    “The drunk put the jar down on a flat-topped rock and set off in pursuit. ‘Come on, boys – catch him!’ he yelled. They caught the wretched man, dragged him back, and ordered him to drink the contents of the jar. The peon struggled madly, his eyes popping. There was a bit of a scrimmage, and the jar was knocked over and broken, its contents forming a puddle on the top of the rock. Then the peon broke free and took to his heels.
    “Everyone laughed. It was a huge joke. But the exercise had made them thirsty and they went over to the sack where the beer-bottles lay.
    “About ten minutes later I bent over the rock and casually examined the pool of spilled liquid. It was no longer liquid; the whole patch where it had been, and the rock under it, were as soft as wet cement! It was as though the stone had melted, like wax under the influence of heat.”

    Geopolymer theory:

    1. I read of each of those two cases of stone softening many years ago, but now can’t remember the sources. Seeing this shows the better source. Thank you.

    2. Shamagineer, I have no experience with this stuff and love your comment and your previous shows! This first thing I thought was, they understood acids. But then even if that’s the case, what were the functions of these tracks or other formations. It requires much more research on my part for sure, and I’m getting there, but one thing I have learned is when you have a slow-paced life very close to nature the things you notice and care about shift completely, so some of our ancestors must have been incredibly skilled and aligned with their surroundings in ways we have a hard time imagining. I did have a bit of a hard time hearing the comment that nature is so tough and always manages to recover, because I don’t like seeing all the ways we are experimenting with the planet, and who is to say if these experiments are worth the cost. I don’t know, because I never got a say in that non-existent question. I also don’t get why more folks aren’t fascinated with this topic–it’s got ‘everything’ , I thinks so too! 🙂

  3. Great topic Greg, and in the case of elongated skulls, one of the few that we have real empirical evidence for that can’t be
    denied and so is ignored.

    Anyone who has not seen images of the Paracas skulls – it’s worth a google image search. Notably
    skulls with similar characteristics were labeled as Homo Capensis or “Boskop MAn” by the Smithsonian.
    This classification has lately been disavowed Paleoanthropologists.

    Wish you could have explored Akhenaten and Nefertiti more with Brien and why they and their children
    were depicted with elongated skulls, long limbs and oddly androgynous pear shaped bodies. Was King
    Tut’s cranial elongation a product of cranial deformation or was it natural, and what of the hole
    at the base of Tut’s skull that was attributed to diggers prying the mask off his face???

    Red or auburn skull is also connected with the Paracus skulls, this gets into the whole type O – RH negative blood type
    controversy that THC got into with Jimmy Jones.
    Red haired people have a much higher percentage of RH negative blood and I wonder if it’s possible to determine
    blood type from the DNA evidence that Brien was researching?

    But the big question is WHY would all of these supposedly distinct cultures be practicing cranial deformation
    to create a cone shaped head?
    This along with Treepanning has always fascinated me and I will certainly pick up Brien Foerster’s book.

    Greg – Please follow up on the genetic test results that Brien was waiting for.

    1. One note of interest on the genetics: his genetic results (1/2 human, 1/2 ???) are similar to those found by the geneticist Dr Steven Greer hired to take samples from the Atacama mummy for his documentary Sirius. Establishment scientists & journalists claim this is proof that the mummy is human since the maternal line was human, despite the unknown nature of the paternal DNA…

  4. (Jumping up and down, pulling my flaming hair out) Stop wondering about Velikovsky, and/or his credibility, and read his works! Then, decide for yourselves. Don’t trust the professional “stargazers and gravediggers” (as V. eventually termed them). They have their own positions to defend.

  5. Well just because the aliens said they came from the orion star cluster still doesn’t have to mean they are flesh and blood. Electric universe, if it’s plasma or some weird energy, why couldn’t an inner-dimensional use the plasma as portal/doors. Or it could use the stats to harness it’s energy while in this realm or something. Or maybe it lives there idk

  6. And then Akhnaton comes up…

    Velikovsky started work on his book, Oedipus and Akhnaton, in 1939, and in doing the research for it, ran into what had to become Worlds In Collision, Ages In Chaos, Earth In Upheaval,and Ramses II and His Times, before he ever got back to getting Oedipus and Akhnaton finally into print in 1960. Do you suppose there could be something relevant in all these volumes, beyond what has been said, pro and con, about these and their author? Even Laird Scranton’s The Velikovsky Heresies, while doing the good work of showing the works have a substantially proven merit through many later scientific finds, to read only that is as reading the Cliff Notes approach to this great body of scholarship.

  7. We LOVE Brien’s work (and voice!) and were so excited to see him on THC. Two great people speaking about really amazing, important topics – thank you. Couldn’t be happier. Xoxo KP

  8. ~ That moment when…. you are really concentrating, on what the guest and Carlwood are saying… Then you keep hearing random “audio noise whispers”, and thinking…”WHAT is that little sound? hmm….. There it is again….” ~ When suddenly you realize, it sounds suspiciously like someone, “smokin’ a little smoke”. Oooooh.. Okay… Duh… – <<<~gigglezzz and skips off to her pipe…..

  9. Just before the discussion of the EU/Thunderbolts, at about the :56 minute mark, there’s some talk about the resilient nature of the planet. I totally agree it is true that ‘Gaia,’ will rebound no matter what we do. But it has to be understood in the way that George Carlin puts it. “That’s so egotistical [anthropocentric] to think that we’ll destroy the earth. We won’t destroy the earth; the earth will sluff us off like a bad case a lice.” In case you missed it, the punch line ends with us destroying ourselves.

    It can’t be denied: since the invention of the phonetic alphabet we sure do tend to behave like a cancer on the surface of this orb. I blame it on empire and bad cosmology, basically shitty software we’re running in our heads, but that’s another story.

    Even if the earth and its environment will regenerate following our destruction of it, that does not make it ok to toxify every aspect of human ecology.

    The reason I bring it up is to make an important distinction relative to recent EU content. The Thunderbolts Project is recently pushing videos and twitter re-tweets that make it look like they’re jumping on the Trump-won-so-let’s-deny-anything-ever-associated-with-neo-globalism bandwagon. Taking full frontal attack on man-made global warming is a tactic that appeals to the brownshirt trolls who think cheap oil should come without a cost as if they were born with a nuclear warhead in their pants. The timing couldn’t be worse. Trump is unleashing the worst of the worst (the corporate hegemonists and war mongers) who will all be pushing for war with China, just as the globalist establishment pushes for war with Russia, as the arctic ice sheet melts to reveal access to deep water arctic oil reserves. Bill Gates’ “depopulation” fantasies will look like child’s play, because pandemics don’t decimate ecosystems the way that global war and/or global totalitarianism does.

    On principle I think it’s healthy to challenge the causes of climate change theory (which, like anything, should be open to reconsideration), but some of the stuff the Thunderbolts’ twitter account is pushing is plainly Big Energy paid-content disinformation. Even if ‘global warming’ turns out to have been an unwise PR brand-name for climate change – climate change is definitely happening. Have you been outside in the last 10 years? That doesn’t make Big Energy’s rapacious treatment of human, plant and animal ecologies all of a sudden just hunky dory. Just because the Sun may drive the macro-cycles of climate, that doesn’t make it ok to turn the whole earth into a wasteland because profit, lifestyle and population demand it. These are two mutually exclusive issues and the EU/Thunderbolts is not separating them.

    The fact that normal Nascar watching mouth-breathers don’t make the distinction is one thing. But the Electric Universe/Thunderbolts people portend to be scientists and skeptics. Oil/coal/gas/tar-sands/fracking have guaranteed toxifying effects on microclimates and eco-systems. Their producers are pushing to repeal cleaning standards to extract it and burn it all as dirty and cheaply as possible. It is so obviously a high political priority for energy monopolists, that for marginalized scientists seeking legitimacy NOT to mention it is a glaring omission. For these guys to fail to make the distinction between environmental degradation and their hypothesis of climate change is unconscionable. Unless their banking on the Nazis to win. And that’s even more fucked up.

    I really really love the work that Dr. Thornhill and Dr. Talbott do. I have strong inclinations to endorse their cosmological model AND the polar configuration (Velikovsky’s) model. Part of the reason I love it so much is because the paradigm shift represented by the EU model implies real, actionable liberating technologies that could replace the fundamentally toxic fossil fuel status quo that has us in a death-grip. The EU model IS the ecologically benign model. No waste, free energy. What the fuck more could you want?

    But this behavior of theirs smells so fucking bad that it makes me wonder if (1) they haven’t sold their souls by taking dis-info PR funding from Big Energy out of convenient overlap between climate change denial and the solar climate model, or (2) they’re bending to coercive pressure from Big Energy to play along, because the M/IC recognizes that plasma physics has the power to shake up their absolute grip on geo-political power. In any regard, my faith in the integrity of the Thunderbolts Project is tentatively shaken.

    My favor toward the content of their work remains, but I’m not willing to promote their ideas to my acquaintances any further until this changes. If they’re so willing to discredit their intent for political expedience, I can’t endorse it. It’s a very important fucking distinction.

    OK, thanks for indulging my rant. The good news is that David Rockefeller finally died today. Ding Dong, the witch is dead, huh? That’s one step in the right direction. Took that reptilian cock-sucker long enough. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could dismember his body in the public square and force feed it to the banksters? Metaphorically, of course.


    PS. Good show, by the way. A tour with Brien sounds fun. You should totally plan a joint tour with him Greg. A joint tour. 😉

    1. Would you be willing to make this a forum thread, M? It will just get lost here as these comment lines go out of season pretty quickly. Forum activity could use some upgrading as of late, if you ask me. We had some good convos going a while back that need some re-stimulation.

      I am not in the Twitterverse myself, so I have to wonder, who is it who wields the Thunderbolts name there? I like Wal Thornhill’s take on things, but have not been a fan of Talbott, ever since I attended his first symposium so many years ago. What you just wrote took me to Velikovsky’s posthumously published, Mankind In Amnesia, where he warns of humanity coming to just the sorts of ends you point to. Talbott, in my opinion, took only license from Velikovsky’s pioneering work and made up his own story line, more from his imagination than the records, but staking his take in the darker, more distant, histories, where instead of full descriptions of events, however previously interpreted, he picks out a few images and develops his own stories as he chooses.

      I remember speaking with Dr. C.J. Ransom (The Age Of Velikovsky) after the last evening’s program and saying to him, “I think Velikovsky got it right and the rest of these guys are off into their own worlds.” Dr. Ransom was there to speak for Velikovsky’s great contribution, but I heard in what he said, no endorsement of Talbott’s imaginings whatsoever. Now I ask, is the Thunderbolts Twitter account the words of Talbott? I wouldn’t be too surprised.

      Velikovsky gave us the notion of an electric universe as far back as 1950, and much has come along to suggest what would likely not have surprised Tesla, but did surprise the establishment, is in fact our celestial reality.

      Thanks, M. I always appreciate your thoughts here.


      1. Hi Satyagraha,

        I will make a forum thread for this, but won’t have time for a few days, at least. I still haven’t signed up for Forums and want to be careful in how I do it.

        Thanks for the suggestion and the thoughts.

        Talbot’s position comes as a result of comprehensive surveys of the ethnographic record. He may have composed the story-line, but it is not arbitrary, nor subjective. I find it compelling. Meanwhile, I believe that Velikovsky’s assessment of the collective un-consciousness of the species is flawed. Archetypes and instincts are specific to physiology, and it is my position that muscle-memory trauma/family karma doesn’t survive beyond ~7 generations, per Tibetan Buddhists and Jodorowsky’s therapeutic experience. Any “amnesia” would have to be a part of cultural software, and is more likely just a coincidental affect of social control mechanisms (simple functionality) rather than deep history (root causes,) not unlike Big Bang orthodoxy.

        All priestly archaic knowledge translated into folk-tales assumes the electric model; it is nothing new. Tesla intuited and harnessed much of the physics, Velikovsky applied it to solar system history. But the physics of variable gravity weren’t established in electro-magnetic physics until Jeffimenko formulated it within the university system at the turn of this century. That’s my understanding anyway.

        I’m pretty sure that Talbott is not the one running the twitter feed. That’s the job of an intern, usually, or at least a millennial. If it’s anyone of prominence within their org, I would guess it may be Ben Davidson, who’s a social media maven.

        I’ve never attended one of the Thunderbolts conferences, but if a THC group came together to campaign to put ecological protection, anti-imperialism, and anti-corporate influence, on their platform, I’d make an effort to attend. If ‘slash and burn’ enters their mythos, in emulation of ‘the gods,’ as an acceptable way to manage human affairs they’ll have defeated their own efforts toward enlightenment and lost all credibility.


  10. This is going to sound pretty bad because it was a great podcast, but this guy sounds like a shill. nothing new or ground breaking in the research, the red hair stuff could be disinformation especially regarding the red manes. Ufo stuff at the end, bonkers & solar system especially. Debunking the fairy was just a counter measure.

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