THC 18 Joey Diaz on The Higherside Chats Podcast

THC 18: Joey Diaz, Mike Maxwell, & Frankie Parkes | Planning the Revolution

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Back in November, on the night of Black Friday, I sat down backstage at the Mad House Comedy Club with Joe Diaz (Beauty and Da Beast, Joe Rogan Experience, The Longest Yard) Mike Maxwell ( Frankie Parkes, and whoever else walked through the room to talk about the occupy movement, the sad state of our society, and how to fix both! Boom! If you’re watching this on an iPhone, apologize to the children!

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  1. Duuuuuuuude I’m freaking stoked and higher than a giraffes pussy well to get the the business I have listened to the free version for about 6 months and I finally signed up, I’d like to start my own podcast and you and Sam Tripoli have been some of the biggest inspirations I was showing my girlfriend an episode of the Higherside and explained to her that this is how I enjoy conspiracy podcasts a funny guy who brings in the experts thanks for your hard work as the only thing stopping me from a podcast is not knowing how to research I thank you for all of yours keep rocking Greg!

    1. I think with interview style podcasts you need to research the person’s work you’re interviewing, doing your own novel work/research with building primary resources in conspiracy seems more difficult as how can ya really trust major search engines to give ya damning evidence on the technocracy. 

      That sort of the stuff seems better suited to a the authors who make the rounds on the radio/interview style shows. Basically reading the books these people put out and researching some basic interview style questions or studying format of other shows for ideas would be the sort of research I would think would be worth while for making a podcast. That and tech/legal shit.

      Not sure if anything I said was half readable, the giraffe is up there.

  2. Woaaah didn’t even know this was here, love Joey Diaz. Yooo I just ordered a retro logo shirt can’t wait to have it and infect the population with your name Carlwood. 

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