New Mexico Fires
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New Mexico Fires

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I've been thinking about the New Mexico fires. As we remember from the fires in the PNW, "firefighters" were seen who appeared to be controlling and directing the fires rather than helping to put them out. The whole thing seemed to be a ploy to get people off the land.

I feel like the same thing has to be going on here with NM. Both major fires started suspiciously, the second from a "downed power line" and the first from a controlled burn... during the worst drought under a wind advisory. Kind of just letting you know they are doing this on purpose. And with all we know about deliberate weather manipulation... I think it's obvious something is going on here.

The fires are clustered mainly around Las Vegas New Mexico. Appareny this is a big film town, and is the location where they shot the movie Red Dawn. You know, the one where Russia invades the mainland US? Given what we know about the occult culture creation/performance ritual that is the film industry, I think we are witnessing part of some large ritual to bring the third world war to US soil.

Would love more details on the matter. Thoughts?

Posted : May 10, 2022 2:31 PM