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Niburu, undergroud caves, and recreation.

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This is a long post. It is all of chapter 3 in the Kolbrin. The Kolbrin was copper plates with ancient writing on them, from roughly the 14-1500s. It follows monotheism, but it is another destruction recreation story I found fascinating. It's not the typical flood story, but it speaks of a golden age, a new sun and moon, and details what some have speculated to be Niburu, the winged planet/ the destroyer/ the great dragon. It parallels some of what we discussed here, and gives reason why some would have went underground. Enjoy.


It is known, and the story comes down from ancient times, that there was not one creation but two, a creation
and a re-creation. It is a fact known to the wise that the Earth was utterly destroyed once then reborn on a second
wheel of creation.

At the time of the great destruction of Earth, God caused a dragon from out of Heaven to come and encompass
her about. The dragon was frightful to behold, it lashed its tail, it breathed out fire and hot coals, and a great
catastrophe was inflicted upon mankind. The body of the dragon was wreathed in a cold bright light and
beneath, on the belly, was a ruddy hued glow, while behind it trailed a flowing tail of smoke. It spewed out
cinders and hot stones and its breath was foul and stenchful, poisoning the nostrils of men. Its passage caused
great thunderings and lightnings to rend the thick darkened sky, all Heaven and Earth being made hot. The seas
were loosened from their cradles and rose up, pouring across the land. There was an awful, shrilling trumpeting
which outpowered even the howling of the unleashed winds.

Men, stricken with terror, went mad at the awful sight in the Heavens. They were loosed from their senses and
dashed about, crazed, not knowing what they did. The breath was sucked from their bodies and they were burnt
with a strange ash.

Then it passed, leaving Earth enwrapped within a dark and glowering mantle which was ruddily lit up inside.
The bowels of the Earth were torn open in great writhing upheavals and a howling whirlwind rent the mountains
apart. The vwath of the sky-monster was loosed in the Heavens. It lashed about in flaming fiiry, roaring like a
thousand thunders; it poured down fiery destruction amid a welter of thick black blood. So awesome was the
fearfully aspected thing that the memory mercifully departed from man, his thoughts were smothered under a
cloud of forgetfulness.

The Earth vomited forth great gusts of foul breath from awful mouths opening up in the midst of the land. The
evil breath bit at the throat before it drove men mad and killed them. Those who did not die in this manner were
smothered under a cloud of red dust and ashes, or were swallowed by the yawning mouths of Earth or crushed
beneath crashing rocks.

The first sky-monster was joined by another which swallowed the tail of the one going before, but the two could
not be seen at once. The sky-monster reigned and raged above Earth, doing battle to possess it, but the many
bladed sword of God cut them in pieces, and their falling bodies enlarged the land and the sea.
In this manner the first Earth was destroyed by calamity descending from out of the skies. The vaults of Heaven
had opened to bring forth monsters more fearsome than any that ever haunted the uneasy dreams of men.
Men and their dwelling places were gone, only sky boulders and red earth remained where once they were, but
amidst all the desolation a few survived, for man is not easily destroyed. They crept out from caves and came
down from the mountainsides. Their eyes were wild and their limbs trembled, their bodies shook and their
tongues lacked control. Their faces were twisted and the skin hung loose on their bones. They were as maddened
wild beasts driven into an enclosure before flames; they knew no law, being deprived of all the wisdom they
once had and those who had guided them were gone.

The Earth, only true Altar of God, had offered up a sacrifice of life and sorrow to atone for the sins of mankind.
Man had not sinned in deed but in the things he had failed to do. Man suffers not only for what he does but for
what he fails to do. He is not chastised for making mistakes but for failing to recognize and rectify them.

Then the great canopy of dust and cloud which encompassed the Earth, enshrouding it in heavy darkness, was
pierced by ruddy Hght, and the canopy swept down in great cloudbursts and raging storm waters. Cool
moontears were shed for the distress of Earth and the woes of men.

When the light of the sun pierced the Earth's shroud, bathing the land in its revitalizing glory, the Earth again
knew night and day, for there were now times of light and times of darkness. The smothering canopy rolled
away and the vaults of Heaven became visible to man. The foul air was purified and new air clothed the reborn
Earth, shielding her from the dark hostile void of Heaven.

The rainstorms ceased to beat upon the faces of the land and the waters stilled their turmoil. Earthquakes no

longer tore the Earth open, nor was it burned and buried by hot rocks. The land masses were re-established in

stability and solidity, standing firm in the midst of the surrounding waters. The oceans fell back to their assigned

places and the land stood steady upon its foundations. The sun shone upon land and sea, and life was renewed

upon the face of the Earth. Rain fell gently once more and clouds of fleece floated across dayskies.

The waters were purified, the sediment sank and life increased in abundance. Life was renewed, but it was

different. Man survived, but he was not the same. The sun was not as it had been and a moon had been taken

away. Man stood in the midst of renewal and regeneration. He looked up into the Heavens above in fear for the

awful powers of destruction lurking there. Henceforth, the placid skies would hold a terrifying secret.

Man found the new Earth firm and the Heavens fixed. He rejoiced but also feared, for he lived in dread that the

Heavens would again bring forth monsters and crash about him.

When men came forth from their hiding places and refuges, the world their fathers had known was gone forever.
The face of the land was changed and Earth was littered with rocks and stones which had fallen when the
structure of Heaven collapsed. One generation groped in the desolation and gloom, and as the thick darkness
was dispelled its children believed they were witnessing a new creation. Time passed, memory dimmed and the
record of evens was no longer clear. Generation followed generation and as the ages unfolded, new tongues and
new tales replaced the old.

Posted : May 11, 2018 10:32 PM
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That was intense. Could you please send a link for more reading from the Kolbrin? The link in the post didn't work for me.

Posted : May 15, 2018 1:27 AM
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The first link in this post should work. The online copies I found are in PDF format, that may be the problem. I didnt realize it, but Graham Hancock has a bit to say about it too.

Posted : May 18, 2018 12:30 AM
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Purely from a literary standpoint, I found it fascinating. The writing style has me wondering. This is the intro to the Kolbrin. The salutation

Greetings, Unborn Ones, now asleep in the dark womb of the future. Greetings from we who were once as you
are now and like whom you will one day be. We too hoped and feared, doubted and believed.
Were you choosing a gift from the past to the future, what would it be? The golden treasures hoarded by kings?
The bright jewels beloved by queens? Is worldly wealth still so important to you? If that would be your choice
above all else, we are disappointed, for our labours have been in vain.

Would you prefer the secret of life, of eternal youth? Have you altered so little from those who live and laugh
today, with no thought turned towards the future? This thing which seems so desirable, were it yours would you
value it? Would it never pall? Would you still be grateful for it after a thousand years have passed? The answer
would be "yes" if this life were all, the beginning and end, complete in itself. But might not this life be no more
than a prelude, an introduction to something infinitely greater? Is the riddle still unsolved, the secret of the ages
still well kept, known only by a few, even when these words are read? How many generations have passed
without progress? Does mankind still lie passive like driftwood upon the sea of spiritual apathy, driven back and
forth by changeable winds and conflicting currents, making no headway?

Could we leave you the knowledge enabling you to live a life without toil, surrounded by every luxury and
pleasure; a magic stone granting every desire, an all healing potion, the ability to fly or know all things on Earth,
would any of these satisfy the desires of your heart and fulfil your dreams? We who lie so far back along the
road trust you have progressed beyond such petty aspirations.

It is beyond our power to give such gifts, and were they ours to bestow we would withhold them, for unless a
gift confers a benefit, it were better not given. With the wisdom of your generation, tell us, which of the things
mentioned would really benefit you or even prove less bad than good? Or do you still remain unaware of your
true nature and needs?

Who you are, how you speak and dress (are you even like us in form?) we cannot know or imagine. This alone
we know as truth, you are brother beings of ours and travel the road we once trod. We share one destiny and
have the same true goal, though perhaps no more know in your day what these are than do in ours. Like to us
life comes to you unbidden, it is fraught with problems and difficulties; it alternates between light and shade,
and like us you wonder what awaits at the end. You, too, are victims of Earth's delusions; you, too, find Truth
and Perfection beyond your grasp and you, too, aspire to beauty and goodness. These things we know about you,
these things must be or you would not exist.

Your needs are no different from ours, but do you now know with certainty what they are? Your life serves the
same purpose, you are part of the same pattern, you are ruled by the same impulses and urges, but do you know
why and to what end? We know you are without certainty and assurance about what lies beyond the veil of
death, for these cannot be given while man remains no more than man, and doubtless like us you remain
suspended between doubt and belief

Our Unborn Friends, whatever your circumstances of life you are the children of the past and heirs of those who
have lived and died. We trust you have no cause to reproach those who once held stewardship over your estate.
But whatever you think of the heritage, you cannot put it aside, any more than you can refuse the obligations of
life. Maybe it brings you the happiness and security, the peace and plenty we never knew. If so, this will remain
unread, for to you it would be a wilderness of words serving no purpose. If you have so much, if you have
progressed so far, nothing we could give would be of benefit. To the traveler, information about the road behind
is worthless. If this is your state we hail you, we are proud of you, our worthy children of light, conceived in the
long dark years wherein we laboured and ploughed our own short furrow. You have done well and our greatest
joy would be to stand beside you as you exaltingly reach out for the crowning glory of godhood.

But you may be no more enlightened than we, in which case accept our offering as a token of our regret, our
desire to make amends on behalf of those who preceded you, for if you remain lost in spiritual darkness the
blame is theirs and not yours.

This we give you, The Hidden Books containing the accumulated harvest of wisdom and Truth garnered over
the generations, the bread and oil which sustained us and never diminished. May they serve you in your day as
well as they served us. Above all, may you be sufficiently enlightened to receive them, for today we are
persecuted because of our books, and most who treasured and guarded them are now dead. We can only consign
these books to the ground and destiny, trusting they will be called forth at the proper time and in a receptive

These books, which we hand into the keeping of time, were written under the authority of revelation and
inspiration. Containing Truth, their message cannot be attacked by time, for Truth is an eternal youth.
We make no claim to exact and accurate statements beyond the possibility of error and misinterpretation, for
words are frail messengers. They are fallible things unable to transmit accurately from mind to mind. Also, we
cannot tell how they who resurrect the books will deal with the contents. They are written in letters known to the
learned, but learning changes with the generations. These books are the glorious embodiment of Eternal Truth,
but the words and expressions are unworthy garments so that misconception and misunderstanding are not
possible. Words are servants of the fallible mortal sphere and when called upon to serve a realm of greater things
prove inadequate. Therefore, be not like some petty-minded ones of our generation who say, "The letters are
misplaced and the words ill used." They examine each blade of grass diligently, but fail to discover the purpose
of the meadow. Such men lack insight and seeing only the bare letters say, "These tell me all, there is nothing
more". We have a saying, "do not judge a place of instruction by its bricks". Wisdom, being eternal, doubtless
this will apply no less in your generation.

So, Unborn Unknowable Ones, we humbly tender this, the gift of the past which we could not pass on
otherwise. If you have advanced far along the road towards greatness, it will have no value; but if you still dally
or have wandered away, lost in the illusive mists of worldliness and none answers your cries, then take this hand
extending out of the past. It will guide you faithfully and well.

Down through the generations men have been persecuted, have suffered and died so that Truth and Goodness
might prevail, remember them. If the world is good, then your peace and pleasures have been brought by their
sacrifices. If it is not, then you must not quibble over the cost to yourselves in making it good. Surely no
torments and terrors in your days could exceed those of the past!

Farewell, Unborn Ones, with these few words we have reached from the day of the present into the night of the
future. We have planted the seed, will it grow or rot in the ground? What crop will it produce? We cannot know.
Let fate deal with it as it will, we have gathered the seed, flailed and winnowed it and kept it with every care.
We have planted well, we can do no more.

May life deal better with you than with us. May you never be denied the comforting hand of hope. Farewell!

Posted : May 18, 2018 12:33 AM
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This story sounds similar to metaphorical stories told by native tribes and peoples of South and North America. Check out Paul LaViolette's book Earth Under Fire. You'll see the parallels. I'm more than 60% confident in the evidence LaViolette presents to support his galactic superwave theory. It's very good stuff.

Posted : May 18, 2018 5:39 PM
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Also the Electric Universe and Saturn Theory are summed up with in the passage.

Posted : May 19, 2018 6:02 AM