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I have to apologize for the length, this is the first forum topic I started, so please forgive my rookie mistakes. This interview was very interesting, & it did have good information. I realized for myself that 9/11 was a false flag that unfortunately did kill a lot if people. I feel that was a ritualistic pre-planned event to enter us into the patriot act, & two wars, also setting up a never ending war on terror that is again setting the sites on Syria, & Iran.
I saw my first evidence of a hoax if you will last year in December, 2014 w/ the 2 New York cops that were supposedly killed in there car, during a drill of course. There is very good evidence that show the actual fake phony show that was going on. That led me to look into Sandy Hook, The Boston Bombing, & some of the recent shootings. The Virginia News shooting was very obvious. My feeling is most of the recent shooting and attacks are false flags, it seems after Sandy Hook, they ramped it up, starting w/ American "race shootings, & now graduated to Terror again to jive with the Syrian events. I feel they have many agendas, War, obviously; race bating; divide & conquer; in the USA, gun control/confiscation; mental illness; more control over everything, like in these false flags there is usually a suspicious backpack or bag which leads to illegal searches, and ultimate control, fear & Marshall law. It is clear we see a new shooting/attack almost every week. I hope more people start to see the truth & look into these things with discernment. I agree with Ole that the best defense is not to buy in to it & keep love in your heart.

Posted : December 24, 2015 4:09 PM
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The majority of all violence, horror, terror, etc... you have become aware of in your life is an illusion that does not exist deigned to destroy love, compassion and free minds. It is how this world is and always has been governed and controlled.

Posted : December 25, 2015 10:54 AM
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Lots of them got a txt saying "Don't come in today."

Posted : February 1, 2016 8:42 AM