The Dyatlov Pass
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The Dyatlov Pass

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Hey Greg,

Listened to you on My Family Thinks Im Crazy - your top Five Fortean Topics.   Loved the episode.   I have always been interested in the Dyatlov Pass Mystery.   So when you brought it up...I was all ears....or earbuds!!!!   But....Strange enough.   That night I was watching YouTube, and Joe Scott's topic was the Dyatlov Pass Mystery.    They have been doing more research on the area and might have solved the mystery...


I know you said it was one of your favs...   So thought I would share...


Check it out...   Let me know what you think...


Peace, and stay safe out there..


Harold - fellow Florida Boy. 


If you do want to go around Florida and explore the Springs..   Let me know.   I'm only about 1hrs south of you....


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