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Newsletter e-mail for THC subscribers and potential subscribers (?)

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I don't want to overburden anyone, but I am subscribed to Veritas (Mel Fabregas/Hostelrich) and Dark Journalist, and Veritas sends out an e-mail (if you give them yours) telling you when new shows drop. Daniel @ Dark Journalist has a newsletter, since he is very YouTube heavy in his content output, although his days are probably numbered over on that platform, too - like so many others have found out already (I think he has had his share of censorship over there, too). His newsletter 'keeps everybody in touch' in case of that type of de-platforming, but new interviews are also referred to in those types of e-mails.
And then there's FreemanTV and THC, who I'm also subscribed to. I have to go on there sites daily and see if a new show has dropped (maybe my OCD is partly to blame for this, too). Maybe I should just get it in my head that these media sites only put out there shows on certain days (is it Sundays for THC?). I think if THC led the way, Freeman might get his act together in this regard (eventually), too. I'm hoping THC will be a shining light.
I guess it's not that big of a deal, but I thought I'd throw this out there as a suggestion. If there are individuals out there, too, who are not subscribed to THC, but who might want to get on an e-mail or similar 'newsletter'-type list (if one existed through THC), I could see how this repeated exposure to THC product content would or could eventually 'break down' at least a few of these half-show lurkers to the point where they would eventually purchased a membership subscription (a win-win for both Greg & hypothetical subscriber). Maybe this is a somewhat daunting logistical task to suggest or request this soon into the Carlwood's family new addition phase, but if Greg ever wanted to tackle a business-related project in the future, he's got one more for the consideration here.

Posted : December 19, 2021 11:55 PM