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I have a question and a suggestion. Do you already have your shows in text format? is there a way I may recieve a copy of all your shows in text format?

if you do not i want to suggest that we you me someone takes the time to make your shows into paper and ink or at least digital paper an ink. I had this idea months ago and i am about to just say fuck it and get a voice to text applicatioin and hand edit any errors and put your shows into paper an pen persay. I want to do this not for me or for you but for people who can not watch or listen to your podcast. example, my brother in prison. you have such great shows and the knowledge being tossed around is top notch a lot of times. stuff you will not hear about anywhere else some occasions. Point is I KNOW for a fact people can benefit from reading your shows like a book or a newspaper article....

I want to be apart of this endevor if possible or i can most honestly probably do it on my own but i do want it to be official and apart of your website and your community. i dont want to just make it my own personal work i steal from you an re send out to friends an family of my own. i think could be a great thing for people not just for profit just for spreading turth and understanding.

i know you do free/paid stuff so i can honor that and only do free episode halves if that is the only way to get you to adopt the idea and allow the republishing of your shows onto paper. Anyway i would love to hear from you, if this is just too small of a thing that no one cares about i will just do it for my own personal enjoyment.

Posted : February 22, 2020 5:46 AM
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the endmyopia episode was fanominal, i tried to order his book for my brother but i couldn't find one. i dont even know if he has a book. so i think having a scribe go around an copy your shows to paper or digital paper would be fantastic of an idea. we could help spread the word.

Posted : February 22, 2020 5:50 AM
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Transcribing into text a two-hour-plus show is no small feat. I’m not even sure a voice-to-text will do a good job.

I get you’re trying to share the love and excitement to your brother, why not write him letters explaining to him some of your favourite episodes instead?
Of course, it’s up to you, but I’d want this to be easier for you. Transcription is legit work, like you should get paid to do that service if you were to!


PS: as for books (this may be another thread you posted), you’ll find most of them on amazon by simply typing the author/guest’s names.
Are e-book readers allowed in prison? Cause if so, you could send him a reader packed full of a selection! Although I’m skeptical they would allow that (but I’ve no clue!)

Posted : February 22, 2020 7:48 AM
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I have used YouTube own transcript tool before, you have to copy paste the entire show notes and then go through and edit the short lines into paragraphs and also edit a few miss transcriptions.

Posted : February 22, 2020 11:00 AM
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I've been doing this by hand, pen and paper for years now. Not sure what to do with them but it works well for my research.

Posted : April 11, 2020 4:25 AM
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It's a great idea, but the labor involved is intensive. And your probably want to get paid because it will take a good chunk of your week to transcribe a 2/hr episode.

Posted : August 21, 2020 2:34 AM