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App to Defund Police?

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i just came across an app called Nail ‘em. It is for reporting illegal fireworks by taking a photo and GPS coordinates of the violation. Do you think this type of citizen policing may be a way to defund the police?’

Nail ‘em” places the power of illegal fireworks enforcement in the palm of your hands. Easily report the possession, sale and/or use of the illegal fireworks in your community along with photos and GPS location. Your complaint will automatically be routed to the correct law enforcement and/or fire personnel. Opt in to receive notifications and you will be informed regarding when and how your complaint was acted upon. This “Nail “Em” app is being provided to you and your community free of charge as a public service of TNT Fireworks. Thank you for taking the time to keep your community free from the dangers posed by illegal fireworks.

Posted : June 24, 2020 1:47 AM
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If you defund the police who would the app report to? It would have to report to some authority figure to come and enforce something. The idea behind simply defunding the police is not going to work. I am not saying there does not need to be change, but simply defunding and or firing them all is just simply not an option. We have all seen how the CHAZ/CHOP thing is going down in Seattle, those people couldn't hold a simple small community together for a few weeks. Also this sort of stuff is starting to look far to much like 1984 to me which is downright terrifying.

Posted : June 26, 2020 1:59 AM