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What an empowering episode this one was!  I’m so sick of the parasites but always felt that the best I could do was to do right by myself and those around me while doing my best to cause no harm. Now I feel like I can use orgone to make a big difference across the island and more! It feels good to be a warrior in training, yeah boy!!

I’m in the process of gathering materials to build my first cloud buster. I’m so over all this bs in our skies. I’ve often felt that summer brings an invisible but murky dome that keeps the air swampy and prevents much of our rainfall.  I’m about to punch a hole in that lil shit  

Apparently, the THC fam has showered Mitch in attention! I just placed a couple orders from him. He doesn’t make things in big batches so you’ve got to keep checking back to catch it when he has stock. He sells out quick, yo. 

I ordered a kit from one of the sites that Mitch recommends on his site and put the  busters in place and programmed my succor punch.  Dude! I definitely received some noticeable benefits!!! So I’m buying more busters and an earth pipe from Mitch to grid my small veggie farm. (Also soaking my seeds in ORMUS before planting  lol high vibes going up on Long Island!)

my results:

I always get headaches (super high emf) when I use my work laptop. After putting a buster on my desk for the last two days, I had no headaches!
Also sleeping a bit better with my succor punch and a pyramid by my bed. 

After programming my succor punch with hopono pono, I put it on top of my speaker and had a solo outdoor winter dance party and thought about a couple of my besties who  are on a dark-ish path and have sorta been ghosting me.  One for 6 months, one for almost 2 years!  We all used to fuck up the dance floors together back in the day, lol. Good times. Anyway instead of worrying and feeling sad about them, I sent out so much love to them and laughed about our escapades. I shit you not, they both texted me sweet messages that night!!! I was like whoa I love you guys.

I say get yourselves some orgone!! I’m considering a THC meetup for making orgone when the weather is better for curing resin. I’ve got to get a handle on procuring the supplies first. 

Posted : February 18, 2022 6:07 PM
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