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This was fascinating! I do think health really is the most important thing we have. If we're sick or drugged up, we can't even begin to hope to conquer the system...we'll just die miserably inside of it.

Also, this was timely because a couple weeks ago my husband went to a TCM practitioner for the first time. He's been on quest for the last five years or so to try to treat (or ideally cure) his psoriasis. Crazy diets from vegan and juicing to carnivore, had a DNA analysis, food sensitivity test, red light therapy, sauna, sunning to boost D, liver pills, liver cleanse. I could go on. Unfortunately, the spots always come back and get so bad he has to take Humira. It's been a really awful thing to watch one thing after another fail but his determination is inspiring.

Anyway, listening to this episode gives me some hope that TCM will be the key. Unfortunately the guy my husband went to didn't really ask any questions and gave him a bottle of powder without explanation...then the next bottle of powder was definitely different...I dunno. I have a million questions for this guy but it's not my business and I wouldn't want to piss him off, ha.

Lots of personal rambles here, hope that's not too off-putting.

What does everyone think about this episode? Experiences with TCM or acupuncture?

Posted : December 1, 2022 4:39 PM
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Aw, i loved this episode, could listen to the guy all day. That thing Dr. Kantor said about oil wanting to get back into what's life made of has been rattling round in my head for a good while now, thought it was just me it had occurred to.

I don't know how you find good practitioners for any of these therapies, but the advice seemed a good place to start, go to the certification body.... x


Posted : December 2, 2022 10:49 AM