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For Laurel Airica: An Expose on the Metaphysics of Puns

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What Laurel calls 'Sacred Path Words' or the 'Language of Birds' has become my primary area of study, for I find as much delight in it as she does. I hope that she reads this posting. I have been working on a book of synchronicity in language and elsewhere, and this is a sneak preview of its fun just for you THC fans. (Many thanks to previous guests Santos Bonacci, Sevan Bomar, and Jim Chesnar, for the inspiration I've gained from the depth and breadth of their work.)

On Laurel's connection between the COSMIC and the COMIC, this is right along with my own thinking that the universe is founded on one big bad pun. If you think about it on a philosophical level, if the WORLD all started from just one WORD, it would have to be based on puns – giving two meanings to one thing (the eternal oneness) is the only way to start a world! The universe is many things, both comic and tragic, but at the CORE of it is the KERNel of a CORNY joke. Just as taking the S out of COSMIC becomes COMIC, so removing the S from the CURSE finds you the CURE, taking the S from the SCRIPT reveals the CRIPT or enCRYPTion, and pulling the S from the SWORD and the STONE gives you the WORD and the TONE, which everyone knows are the keys to delivering a good joke. (Or to intoning words of power to cast a magic spell.)

If spellings or written letters prompt you to make the same sounds with your mouth and lungs and vocal CORds, then you are CREating similar soundwaves; no matter in what letter or language they are written, you enact the same physical action within our world. The physical manifestation of our universe is God's true language: only that which is, or what ocCURs in the CURrent moment. So although you may think the 'ARC' of the Covenant and the 'ROCk' of Ages are different objects, the physical universe around you is hearing the same word.

To start getting the joke, just notice how many times I use the letters C &R in the ARtiCle, and then you'll C where we R. Then also COnsideR that the vowels connecting them are essentially interchangeable, one vowel morphing easily into another, and remember that the letter C can make a hard sound like K or a soft sound like S, and you'll C it everywhere. (For advanced symbologists you could consider that the letter N is just an S with masculine rather than feminine lines and turned at a right angle... the synChRONicity starts to get CRAzy.)

The premise I would like to share with you is that the ROCk of CREation is nothing more than CORn on the COB. And for dessert you'll want old-fashioned American Apple PIe – if you are PIous like Marty Leeds, then you'll get down to the CORE of it (the apple, that is), or to the heart of the matter – the CORazon. After all, the difference between the COR and the COB is only a tiny brush-stroke.

What am I talking about? Let's actually start with the PIe; as CARl Sagan says, “if you want to make an apple PIe from scratch, you must first create the universe.” If we want to walk, first we must CRAwl. (Hey! Did anyone else notice that Sagan backwards is NAGAS which means 'serpent,' specifically 'Kundalini serpent of light and knowledge'??)

Most of you are familiar with the story of Eve and Adam and the debacle with the apples... maybe a few of you are familiar with the older debacle of Loki stealing away Idunn's (Eden's) golden apples of immortality. Since we're making a PIe, we'll need a PIe PAN, and we know that PAN is the PANgenitor – he CREates everything by playing upon his PIpe, which makes things appear with a soundwave, in 2D this describes an ARC or a CURve or a CURl, and in 3D it looks like a rIPPLing torus field or APPLE shape. So it already appears we have at least three CReatiON stories tidily tucked into our PIe; you can see what I mean about the foundations of the universe being present in PUNs. Notice that PAN and PUN are nearly the same word! I think we can assume that PAN is a PUNster.

If you don't have APPLEs at your PLAce, you could try asking APPOLLo or St. PAUL, or the twins POLLox & Castor, or the guy in the PULpit. Then you cook that delicious apple into a sweet sauce – but something has to hold the sauce! To take a physical form, your PIe must be enclosed in a CRUSt. It has to CROSs the barrier between the ineffable (the SOuRCe) and physical existence, where it CRYStalizes. Many CREation stories start with a god CRYing out, or a COCk CROwing, or the CRACking of the Cosmic Egg, which you will need for your CRUSt. If you roll out your PIe CRUSt, put your sweet sauce in the middle, and then fold or CREaSe the four CORNers into the CeNteR, they come together to form a CROSs. Four corners meet at a single point, giving us the fabled uniCORN – the single seed of all things!

This word CORN represents a seed, and at the same time it represents QuadRANt or FOURness, FOR all things seeded into this dimension are FIRst CRUcified in the FOUR elements. Notice the same beginning in the words FOUr, FOUntain, FOUndation. In this world, the FORce is FOUR. The CIRCle is inseperable from the CROSs, or the four CARdiNal points: any sound wave or sine wave has one peak, one valley, and two points where it crosses the plain of inertia. If this wave is deSCRIbed upon a CIRCle, these four points make a CROSs. If this CIRCle is a day, these points are dawn, noon, sunset and midnight; as it CORresponds to a year they are the equinoxes and solstices (in CANCeR and CApRiCORN), dividing the year into four seasons. This is why the word CARol originally means to sing and/or dance in a CIRCle, while the words ChORuS and ChOiR both originate from being QuARtered, or separated into four parts (bass, tenor, alto, soprano) that when combined produce a harmonic ChORd. The CYClical balance of the seasons goes back and FORth like a serpent CREeping and CRAwling, or like a mother ROCKing her baby in a CRAdle. To settle or balance a matter, we might go to COuRt.

The seed or KERNel of the apple is in the CeNtER or CORE, just as the KERNel of man is the heart or CORAZON. HEART is a cognate for EARTH (both contain an EAR and an ART). Man inCARNates on EARth and sees the HORIZON, each of us branching out from oneness like many KERNels of CORN upon an EAR. HERE in our CARNal state our red CRIMson blood COuRSes through our four CARdio chambers, CARrying our DNA, written – or enCRYpted – in four letters. This CORe pump centrally balances the other two CRUCial parts of the body: our CRESt or CROwN ChAKRa, and the CREative organs in our CROtch, ruled by SCORpio. We are born from our mother's CREvice, through her CERVix, past her SACRum, still attached to an umbilical CORd, already full of the CRAving of existence. Our bodies are largely ruled by our endoCRIne glands and their SECRetions. We experience the KARMa of this inCARNation through what we see with our CORNeas and think with our electRICal CERebrum, both in our CRANium. We exist ChRONologically in time which is ruled by CRONOS, which spelled backwards is SONORC or SON ARC - the ARC of the SUN which reveals the CiRCle of time to us.

As the sun runs on its tRACk or CIRCuit in the sky, it is said to ride in a ChARiot. It is also said to make this ring while CARried in a boat or bARC, while the outer ring of a tree is its bARK. When the sun sets below the horizon, that half of the CiRCle of day is dARK. When the sun reaches the peak of its power at the summer solstice, it enters the sign of CaNCeR the CRAb, which in ancient CAiRo was represented by the SCARab. Some said Osiris, the sun, was borne upon the back of a CROCodile, (whose SCAles look a bit like rows of CORn KERnals). Priests taught that the body of man was a tomb for the spirit – it's CRYpt or sARCophagus. Man's own bARC or ChARiot is his fleshy inCARNation made of CARbon-based cells called CORpuscles. The divine spARK is in every one of us; together we're a CROwd. Knowledge of the ARC is a the CORe of “ARCana,” the SECRet SACRed wisdom of the ancients. To know is to be CERtain. To apply knowledge to life is pRACtical. The ROCk of CREation is the very vehicle you inhabit daily, so learn how to drive your CAR.

Posted : March 13, 2018 3:26 AM
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This seed word is all over the lessons of mythology. In the temple of P'tah, the “Chief of Artificers” was called KhORp-Hemtiu. Thor's hammer is CRAfted by a dwarf named bROKK. The Sea of Meru is surrounded by the Mountains of Eternity called ChORion. Theseus had to overcome the Minotaur in the Labyrinth of CREte. Noah was called to build an ARK, and he was rewarded with the promise of the rainbow's ARCh. The world was said to be held up by four CheRUbim. ChRiSt was born a CRESh. KRIS KRINgle CREeps down your chimney for ChRIStmas. The Freemasons are masters of the CRAft; they study the Royal ARCh and revere the Grand ARChitect. John Dee deciphered the dialect of ARChangels, while the alchemists wORKed in CRUCibles. In ancient times you might have learned the seCREts of self at the temple at KARNak, or at the ACROpolis, which was originally known more properly as CeCROpia, after the legendary serpent-man, CeCROps, the first Athenian king. Persian lore speaks of a giant bird of prey named ROC or RUKh, while many Indigenous Americans revered brother CROw. In Ireland, John BarleyCORN was flayed with CRAbtree sticks and tied to a CARt; I guess they wanted the CREam of the CROp. These days I hear of a lot of conCERN over C.E.R.N.; it could be that they're trying to recreate this original technology, and I would have to guess that they borrowed their name from the Pagan god of the hunt and winter, called CERNe, or to the Romans CERNunnos, “The Horned One.”

Knowledge of the self reveals ones deep connection and relation to all the world around you. An EAR of CORN grows on a COB; man inCARNates on EARth within the same universal ratios provided by the CUBE, the map of counter-space. We are of course reminded of this by the Islamic KORaN and the KA'ABA, the Biblical JaCOB, and the Jewish CABala – which Manly P. Hall calls “the analysis of the symbolic meaning of words.” This definition could also be used to describe the BOCK saga. A couple of CORn COBs makes a CROP, and if you throw a couple of CUBes – or if you let a PAIR-A-DICE FALL – on a flat table, its called CRAPs.

If you want to learn about the self, the Hindu will discuss your ChAKRa, while the Norse sages will discuss your ROKKR and the coming of RAgnoROK, and the ChRiStians will tell you that your soul is at RISK, so you should study the SCRipture and go to ChURCh.

And I say, geez guys – if y'all are even using the same words to talk about the same things, can't we all just get along? 😉

If you haven't gotten the joke yet, I'll spell it out: all of these words actually do have a consistent meaning. They all mean something about a seed blossoming or emanating out from a center, creating the shape of your vessel, ChARicterized by four, where you CROss the barrier from spirit into the CORporeal, light becoming solid by spinning, whirring, humming, CREating a sound that wiggles back and forth like a serpent and CRAcks the cosmic egg or void of stillness, and CARves a shape from the uncarved block of aether.

I will leave you with this quote from Neil Philip deSCRibing the Dogon Cosmology: 'The whole universe was originally contained in an egg or seed, and everything that exists began as a spiral vibration inside this egg – a helical expansion of the universe that still continues today. Everything, from the smallest seed to the expanse of the cosmos, reflects and expresses all things. A village, or a homestead, or a hat or a fruit – all of these things can contain the whole universe.'

It is the perfect mathematical KERNel of the CIRCle, defined by PI, which allows us to make anything, from a wheel to a man to a pan to a pecan to a pumpkin pie! So although it may sound CORNy, next Thanksgiving when you're chewing on CORN as yellow as the golden rays of the sun, don't forget to thank ChRISt and KRIShna, CRONos and the three CRONes of fate, and the three NORNs. And when you finish off with apple PIe, don't forget to thank ADAM and ODIN, IDUNN and Eve from EDEN, and of course thank the PAN, without whom none of this would be possible. (And then, put a CORK in it!)

Posted : March 13, 2018 3:27 AM
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There was just something about Laurel & her energy that resonated my crystals immensely! I reached out to her & we shared several lovely emails.
What a lovely Lady, both on & off the air.

Posted : April 14, 2018 5:25 PM
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I like it. I don't completely follow it, but I like it.
I enjoy puns and the concept that words always mean all of their definitions. And that we spell, spells, through spelling.

Their(not mine), there(where) and they're(others). Places or people that are not me. Almost everything.
I'm going over their, or there or they're. About the same.

See(visual concept)
Sea(broad concept) I sea what you mean. A fish in the see.

Its a little right brainy..

Your book should be a blast Snap. Hows it coming?

Posted : April 22, 2018 8:47 PM
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The Book of E was a joy to read,plus it is absolutely FREE!
From her website,globalwordmagic,if you look,you'll see,
The massive amounts of wonderful
From the usual &mundane to the faerie & ephemeral,
There is something for everyone to see & hear,
So just sit down,relax &crack open that beer.
Laurel Airica is most definitely fo' REAL!!

(*Personally Verified)

Posted : April 22, 2018 9:42 PM
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metalegs - yes, that is just what I mean! Right brains are just what we need to re-learn how to listen. The idea that homonyms have different meanings is a controller's deception!

This was a pretty playful piece I wrote; the joke is that I can't do etymology research on any mythical or holy topic without ending up with some phrase that sounds vaguely like "Corn on the Cob" or "Apple Pie". It's just weird! Also, there's usually a fish and an egg involved. But which came first?

I have no idea what a blast Snap is. If it's useful, let me know, I'll check it out.
But I'm pretty old school - I don't even have a 'smart' phone. I think they're pretty dumb, and people look stupid using them. Unlike a lot of others, my first reaction to discovering the extent of deep state surveillance technology was not to go post all about it on facebook or wherever.

Thanks for asking, the answer is that the book is going very slowly, trying to wrestle with big topics and finding time to write with two toddlers running around and two step-kids and paying the mortgage.... it's slow-going, y'know? Still hacking away, but I found it easier to explore some ideas through the medium of audio and video. Stay tuned for my new podcast. If you liked what I wrote, please check out my first Dtube video, which I think does a much better job of explaining my thesis more clearly:!/c/outyard

As far as discovering truth and history through etymology, this is also a great, short video that I recently found:
I don't really appreciate the "gotcha" attitude, but there's some good connections. This guy says everyone's Hindu, Jim Chesnar says everyone's Finnish, Anatoly Fomenko says everyone's Russian - I start to get bored with the over-specified conclusions that begin to sound like Red Herrings, because guys, the what they are ALL saying is: We were all one people!
And "wherever" it came from (as if time and space were simple and static concepts!) the point to me is: as you dig, the languages fall back together.

Keep your cool, open your mind, follow your heart.

Posted : June 29, 2018 9:28 PM
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Sorry its taken so long to get back to you.
the blast snap comment was supposed to be short for have a blast Snapturtle. (have fun) I hope that makes sense.

I was listening to Max Igan yesterday. He stated English is phonetically the opposite of Hebrew.
So we are speaking backwards. Of course we "Spell" words with spelling.
Are we walking around casting backwards spells all day?
I have not run this down but sounds like its par for the course..

Posted : July 18, 2018 8:36 PM