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THC has had a lot of great guests, dedicated researchers with important and interesting information. In my opinion Donald Marshall is not one of them. I personally don't think his delusional ravings hold any credibility, but since many people seem to believe him I'm making this post to share my point of view. So consider this a counterweight, so to speak, to see another perspective before judging Donald's information. In the end we all make up our own minds.

Please note that it's not the concept itself that I'm arguing against. I'm pretty convinced human cloning is going on in underground bases. But I'd guess for military purposes and life extension, not Queen Elizabeth's need to be validated by celebrities. Donald's information isn't stranger than David Icke's. So the problem isn't so much what he says, as how he says it. So, is this an ad homin attack? In many ways, yes. Why do it then? Because we only have Don's word to go on. Therefore anything that makes him seem less credible is of importance and should be looked at in deciding the value of his information.

For starters what's being described in the interview isn't a cloning center, but a Donald Marshall centered center. Notice how everything revolves around him? First of all everyone is there. Celebrities, politicians, religious leaders and so on and yet Don is the main character. They tell him all their plans and let him decide Barack Obama's name. Aliens want to hold his hand and everyone laughs at his joke. "They" even think he's Jesus, King Arthur and a New Age Messiah. Why? Because he made them songs?

Songs clearly are important. One of the reasons Queen Elizabeth is useless, according to Don, is because she can't sing or dance. Here we see one of many failures on his part to relate to the real world. She's the queen of the United Kingdom, why would singing and dancing be relevant to her skill set? So it seems that in this place of psychopath murderers, singing and dancing are skills held in the highest esteem. Is it a torture palace or the set of a musical?

Singing and dancing is, after all, the first thing the sadistic pedophiles ask for when they decided not to molest Don. This is because they felt bad for him when he screamed and cried. Are we to believe that the other kids didn't scream and cry? Or did Don just happen upon the compassionate type of pedophile sadist? In the end he saves himself by singing, because the pedophiles, when denied the opportunity to molest, will settle for a song or a dance performance. Again, is this a torture palace or a musical?

So what's going on? Please notice the dream-like lack of logic. In a non-lucid dream anything goes and it makes perfect sense. Like: to catch a stupid lizard creature we'll build a huge pyramid out of stones weighing tons. Just so we can have a pit at the bottom where the lizards fall down. The whole pyramid. Just to create a shaft that has an angle where the lizards can't crawl up. In a dream I'd shrug and go "yeah, okay". But in the real world it's completely out of touch with reason. Yet this is Donald's theory. One of the things he's sure about, as he says he only shares that type of information.

Another example is the Atlanteans managing to build flying saucers, but failing to come up with the gyroscope that is technology from the 1700s. This is supposed to make sense. Only it doesn't. All this information comes from when Don is sleeping. Does it seem like information that makes sense in a dream? Or information that makes sense in the real world? For those who go with dream, Donald's inability to distinguish dream and fantasy from reality becomes evident. This is one of the symptoms of schizophrenia.

Also notice the narcissism. Don finds fault with everyone else. The only person he speaks well about is Bernie Mac. The rest? They're mostly useless and have no skills. They all flock to Don and his amazing creative genius, since apparently he's the only one to come up with good songs. At the end of the interview he gets carried away and laughingly describes his gruesome murder of Roxy Lopez' clone. He smashes her face into the cement stairs until she dies. The reason? Because she wanted him to discredit himself. Appropriate response or complete lunacy?

Another example is Britney Spears getting serially raped until her genitalia are mutilated. Don describes this as "comical". There are two explanations here. One, Don's story is real and the trauma of what he's been through has broken him. He has become a psychopath, devoid of empathy, like the people that have victimized him. Or, the second explanation, that it's funny because consciously or unconsciously he is aware that this is just dream and fantasy. Either way he's not someone whose information I'd trust.

In the end I find Don's stories the wish fulfilling fantasies of someone struggling to keep dream and reality separated. And I hope he gets the help he needs. Below is a summary of some of the things he said in the interview. I doubt anyone will read it, but I find that seeing it presented like this makes it easier to see what's really going on, psychologically, behind the colorful story. Should you actually read it, be aware that "They" as far as we know only exist in Don's head. So when "they" say "they" think he's Jesus we need to consider the possibility that it is simply Don who says he's Jesus.


• Don says consciousness gets transferred into clone bodies. How? What is consciousness? Brain electricity? Brain bio-chemistry? Something transcendental and spiritual? The discovery of what human consciousness actually is would be the most important thing he speaks about, and yet no elaboration. The people at the cloning center tell him about so many other things, why not this?
• Don says he was memory repressed until age 30. Another explanation is that it was the onset age of his schizophrenia. This is a logical fallacy called "false cause". It's only based on Don's say-so. The same is true for him being on the cover of the Megadeth album. The person looking more or less like Don doesn't prove it is him. It's the same logical fallacy.
•Don says "people" say there's not a lot of good music out these days. This is because he's not making songs anymore.
• Don says he wrote songs for Bon Jovi and Wham (among others). His songs were always the headline songs, the only ones people wanted to hear. To summarize: Don's songs are amazing, other people's are not. He even wrote the song "Friday" for Rebecca Black. Funnily he remembers everything seemingly perfectly until asked specifically about the last 5 songs he wrote. Then he suddenly can't remember even one of them "because of the drugs they give him". Oups.

• Don says freemasons are fat, ugly and can't pay for sex with hookers. Therefore they molest children. So who pays for their clones? Apparently 2 clones (freemason and child) and the use of a consciousness transfer device and use of an underground base, costs less than sex with a hooker. I don't know what hookers charge, but I find this quite unlikely.

• Don says he became an amazing song kid who could make a top 10 hit out of thin air. He also came u with ideas for movies and toys and came up with numerous highly successful inventions. Today after 35 years of experience of doing that, he lives on disability money from a neck injury. I'm honestly very sorry for his neck injury, but how does it prevent him from being a song writer, script writer or inventor in real life today? If he is the creative genius he describes?
•Don says some of "them" believe his songs are whispered in his ear by God.

• Don says he started singing songs at five years old, that he made up himself. Not only that, those songs were better than those of professional, experienced songwriters. To see how believable this is: if you know a 5 year old, ask them for a song of their own. For further context Mozart started composing at age 5. Feel free to google “Lady” released in 1980 when Don was 5, look at the lyrics and decide if they look like the work of a child.

• Don says Queen Elizabeth has hinted at having syphilis. It’s normally cured with a single dose of penicillin.
• Don says Queen Elizabeth is retarded. The woman has given interviews. They’re on Youtube. She’s clearly not retarded.
• Don says Queen Elizabeth is so boring she needs a singing kid to impress celebrities. After 6 decades as the head of the common wealth, she needs Don to impress celebrities like Britney Spears…
•Don says the people at the cloning centers tortured him when he couldn’t make any more songs. Really? He keeps saying how stupid they are. But no one is that stupid. You don’t torture people into creativity.

• Don says he put the words “heart and souls” into songs as vague hints to cloning. No comment needed.

• Don says “they” weren’t going to kill him because “they” want him to talk about the cloning centers. But others don’t talk about it, because “they” have killed some of them. Which is it? And who’re “they”?

• Don says one type of Vril has a proboscis that can body snatch mammals. The proboscis is made up of their small brain and their spinal cord and it wraps around the optic nerve. The human optic nerve is 2 inches long. That’s a tiny Vril. And how did this come about? Evolution makes no sense at all. Is it bio-engineered? Then why don’t all Vril have it?

• Don says that in the past flying saucers did not have very good horizontal stability control. But today they put the gyroscopes, like those from Segways in them. So the aliens or Atlanteans (maybe they’re the same?) figured out flying saucer technology, but not a gyroscope? Or any other “horizontal stability control”? For context the gyroscope has been around since the 1850s. Its predecessor, used as a level to locate the horizon in foggy or misty conditions was invented in 1743.
•Don says that the following groups come to cloning centers: Freemasons, Scientologists, Mormons, Politicians, Royal Families, Celebrities, Nazis, Jews and Aliens. Also they have spider-horses and mole-rat-pigs. No comment.

• Don says that a fat freemason found him so awesome he wanted to hang with him [Don] every day. When Don didn’t want to, the fat freemason stomped him to death. This was possible because Don was in a tiny homonculus body. People apparently want Don's company so badly they kill him if he says no. •

• Don says a gray alien wanted to hold his hand. Why? He doesn't say.

• Don says he has spoken to Hitler.

• Don says he has spoken to the pope.
• Don says the Vril aliens are the basis of fae folk and leprechauns. Are we to believe these reptilian aliens used technological cloaking devices or biological shape shifting to appear as tiny men in green suits that spoke with an Irish accent? What about the fae folk seen by shamans in "non-ordinary reality" or shamanic states of consciousness? Are they there because lizard aliens once used mimicry to appear as fae folk and then there's just this huge and awkward misunderstanding among all the shamans?

• Don says the “they” of the cloning facility would miss him if they killed him. He also says they’re evil sadistic psychopaths that torture people for fun. Apparently he sees no contradiction there…

• Don says that “they” say he’s Jesus. He doesn’t endorse that though. It is, however, a given that he’ll be the savior of the human race once his message has been spread.

• Don says that “they” say that the prophecies of Nostradamus are about him. He now thinks there's something to that, as some of it fits.

• Don says that catholic priests become pedophiles because they’re celibate. So normal people become pedophiles if they’re celibate for too long? Is that his theory? It makes no sense at all.

• Don says he named Barack Obama, who is a clone, after Baraka in the Mortal Kombat games.

• Don says that when he made the joke “Make a dog president” everybody laughed. [/il]

• Don says that he invented the George Foreman Grill.

• Don says he invented Fix-a-flat.

• Don says the pyramids are traps for Vril. Vril that are so dumb they run around until they fall down a pit at the bottom. Has he seen the pyramids? If the lizards are so stupid, why would you need a pyramid? And how would anyone come up with the idea of solving the how-to-get-the-lizard-into-the-pit-problem by building the pyramids???

• Don says that when he didn't believe the Large Hadron Collider could reset time, “they” fired it up and showed him. How? You can prove time-travel. But a time reset? How could Don tell that time had been reset? How can anyone know they’ve reset time? How do they know what event they’re supposed to prevent after a reset of the whole universe?

• Don says bird aliens are embarrassed by their own appearance. If I went to the bird alien city, I’d be embarrassed by my appearance too. No, wait, I wouldn’t. Because it makes no sense whatsoever.

• Don says aliens love music and that he is the best thing they ever saw for that.

• Don says that in the future, when he has political power, he’ll put people in jail for calling him a dick.

• Don says that in the future everybody’s going to love him and rightfully so.

• Don says "they" want him to become like John Connor in the Terminator movies.

• Don says there was a competition between kids, called project Camelot, to pick the new King Arthur-Jesus-Messiah. Don won that competition.

• Don says that being with the people at the cloning facility is like being at a party of mentally impaired children.

• Don says he's going to be the hero, not the other people at the cloning facility.

• Don says "they" tried to impress him when they wanted him to join willingly. So they showed him things like a particle beam gun that Vladimir Putin demonstrated by burning a hole through Don's stomach while Don was chained up. This is because nothing says "join us willingly" like burning a hole through someone while they're in chains…

• Don says that Queen Elizabeth, Hilary Clinton and Vladimir Putin have all been at the facility since was a kid and they've seen all that he's done there. And they think he's "Mr. Special".

• Don says he goes to the exclusive cloning center with the rich people.

• Don says the "they" would impatiently await snuff films from the serial killer Robert Pickton. So, the serial killers (killing clones) at the cloning center would take a break from their serial killing in order to impatiently await a film of another serial killer serial killing.


• Queen Elizabeth is boring, retarded, mentally insane in 5 different ways, hints at having syphilis and is an attention whore without a gimmick. She has no talents or skills. She can't sing or dance.
• Prince Charles is crazy too and has talked to Don since he (Don) was a little kid.
• Whitney Houston was not a real person but something weird, an alien parasite host.
• Nikki Minaj raps okay but Don finds her voice squeaky and annoying, he also thinks she has a big ass.
• Tila Tequila can’t sing and has no skills.
• Donald Trump never invented anything, but he did kick, punch and shoot Don as a joke.
•Vladimir Putin is a coward and a pervert, that asks Don for advice.
• Mila Kunis has gigantic eyeballs and Don Hates her.
• Gerorge Noory has gigantic eyeballs too.
• Lauryn Hill needs Don’s help to write songs, she also tortured Don for songs.
• Bill Cosby punched Don to death.
• Gwen Stefani got banged by Don a few times, then he lost interest.
• Madonna “and some others” were also banged by Don. The banging was consensual.
• David Wilcock, Don wants him dead. In fact he wants "them all dead".
• Britney Spears gets gang raped until her genitalia gets worn out. Then she’s put into a new body. Don refers to this as comical.
• Roxy Lopez wanted Don to discredit himself. Don murdered her by smashing her face into some cement stairs. For some reason he thinks he should mention that she felt no pain at the time of him murdering her. Don himself thinks this story might make him look a little bit bad for a second.
• Barack Obama is not a real person but a remake of the pharaoh Akhenaten, Michelle Obama is his biological mother and they're in an incestuous relationship.
• Ryan Reynolds is only famous because he agreed to be molested as a child.
• Amanda Bynes is squirrely and has a chip in her head.

Posted : February 28, 2016 11:00 PM
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What he said.

Posted : February 29, 2016 10:56 PM
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I didnt read all that but YEP.

Posted : March 4, 2016 7:39 AM
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First of all, that's a beauty of a post. Thanks for putting that entire episode in one place so that everyone can see just how ridiculous this guy is.

As I'm sure was the case with most of you, within a few minutes, I'd pinned Don as having a true case of 'conspiratitus'. It's something that we all ought to keep an eye on, in regards to ourselves, and our own sanity.

I was recently told a story about a friend's brother who, after researching conspiracies and taking large amounts of LSD for some time, snuck into a yacht party and pulled a knife, thinking that it was some secret meeting of the illuminati of course, thinking that they were bent on killing HIS family, these sorts of individuals seem to share a common thread in always believing that the big picture revolves around them. I wish I'd probed for more information on that specific happening, but needless to say, when one becomes out of touch with reality, there is no telling what heinous acts they're capable of, and that Don Marshall guy, definitely spat some schizo-homicidal fire.

As hard as it was to listen to, I think it's important to have these types of episodes, to allow us to make use of our best judgement, and realize what it means to go absolutely off the fucking handle.

Stay rational everybody, maybe smoke some of that sweet leaf to take you back down to earth.

Posted : March 17, 2016 9:12 AM
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To: rockanomicon, bjlimmer, Verscienta and antibliss

Thanks guys!

To: Any THC+ Moderators

I'm not sure how sensitive the forum policies are, I'm guessing not very. But, just in case, I'm not offended by anything Spiritual.Warrior2 wrote about children or vomit. In fact I find the post interesting and I sincerely applaud it!

To: Spiritual.Warrior2

As stated above I find your post interesting and I sincerely applaud it. There are, however, a few things I'd like to address. And by a few I mean several.

Also, yes, I really went out of my way to make this post really long too.

1) "First off let us get to the heart of the matter immediately: EVIDENCE."

1.1) I neither asked for nor expected evidence. The nature of the situation described pretty much makes anything tangible an impossibility. And that's exactly why I find it important to analyze the character of the storyteller and the credibility of the statements based on logic.

2) "Further, your post Akimondo, is ridiculous in length."

2.1) Compared to Kim Kardashian's latest tweet, you're probably right. And no, you don't have to tell me you don't have Twitter, I don't think you do. Nor that you don't keep up with the Kardashians, I'm sure you don't. I just thought this was a funny answer to show the subjective nature of your statement. Clearly you disagreeing with the length stems from you disagreeing with the content.

2.2) It's a 2 hour show and I wanted to be thorough. The purpose is to let people know how I reached my perspective, not to simply tell them what it is. If the latter was my goal the first 1,5 sentences would indeed have sufficed.

2.3) Making that statement and then referring me to your book, which I'm sure is way longer than my post, is really funny. The reason you didn't catch yourself being this funny is probably because in your mind your book is "worthwhile reading" while my post is "vomit-like". Hindsight being 20/20 I'm sure you get it now. If not, take it from me, it's quite funny.

Unfortunately I could not find your book on Amazon, nor by googling the title. Please supply a link. I'm not saying I'll buy it, but I'll definitely look at it. And kudos to you for writing a book!

2.4) I apologize for twisting your arm and forcing you to read the ridiculously long and vomit-like post. Wait… No I don't, because I didn't. So for future reference, should you again happen upon very long, vomit-like posts you can try not reading them. It saves time.

3) "It is like a child vomiting out all its emotions in one gigantic mess of a hurl. . . . This doesn’t smell right to me."

3.1) The plight of vomit. Even when metaphorical, it doesn’t get to smell right. Whether intentional or not, these statements are funny together.

3.2) Other responses to my post:
" What he said."
" I didnt read all that but YEP."
" I second all that. Bravo."
" First of all, that’s a beauty of a post."
Excluding myself, that's still a 80% support rate for the perspective presented in my post. Ergo, by the power invested in me by Argumentum ad populum I declare myself the winner.

3.3) The point of the logical fallacy in 3.2 is to show that, albeit colorful, the "vomit" and the "child" are strictly subjective experiences. To actually make my post like the vomit of a child, you need logical arguments that make my perspective seem childish and stinky. Simply stating your opinion seldom allows it to impact reality in any significant way. At least not in a debate. In my post I showed the problems by typing out what Don claimed and what I thought about it. You need to do the same, or your post sort of falls flat on its face.

4) "Only people who are severely agitated and motivated emotionally would go to such lengths and “length” of replying. This doesn’t smell right to me. You have serious issues with Donald’s interview, emotional ones I would gather."

4.1) Making that statement and then likening my post to the vomit of a child, is funny. But then again we've established that you're a funny person by now and I tip my imaginary hat to you. Humor is a virtue in my opinion! You can probably see how your metaphors don't exactly reek of Zen-like calm? (That was rhetorical)

4.2) Please notice that I was never intentionally mean or nasty to Don in my post. If he laughs at gang-rape, calling it "comical" (and he undeniably did) he needs help. That's not an insult, it's a fact. Thinking the pyramids were built to create a shaft steep enough to keep dumb lizard beings from climbing back up is out of touch with reality. Not because there can't be beings like that. But simply because if you can build the pyramids (that we cannot replicate today) you can find a more efficient way to solve the get-rid-of-the-dumb-lizards-problem. You don't need to be an engineer to see that. You don't even have to know the exact weight of the stones. It's just common sense.

4.3) My "emotional problems" aren't with Don's interview. They're with the reactions it was receiving. THC is full of amazing information. But in my view Don's story doesn't belong to that category. Therefore, as I clearly stated in the beginning of my post, I wanted to provide a counter-argument to give people a different perspective. But I also wrote " In the end we all make up our own minds". Which, if it needs explaining, means: listen to Don (if you want to) then read my post (if you want to) and then do whatever you do to make your mind up (if you want to).

5) It is truth that we can not unequivocally determine whether Donald is telling the truth or not.

5.1) Agreed. But given the choice between delusional narcissist and credible witness, I'll go with option number one, for the reasons given in my very long post. If you disagree for your reasons, that's 100% okay. As the saying goes “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

6) "I will attempt to do this now using common sense external knowledge which is not so common."

6.1) Again with the humor. When its "common sense" and "not so common" in the same sentence, it makes me snicker.

7) Admittedly many will not agree with what I know, that is your problem."

7.1) Wait a minute. I've never agreed to this. If many disagree with you I don't want that to be my problem, that hardly seems fair. I want it to be their problem. Maybe that's what you meant, so this isn't some kind of voodoo curse, where when people disagree with you -I- get problems… For the record I'm just poking fun at you. I'm fully aware that typos in no way affect the validity of an argument.

8) "Given all of the above, HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS transfer seems rather prosaic now. It is commonplace and routine given a reasonable logical extrapolation of the above fact."

8.1) The above conclusion is based upon your 8 points labeled "Firstly" to "Eighth". Realizing the irony, I find them too long to copy/paste here. But having read the 8 points I seem stuck between false cause and non sequitur here. Number one is that the earth is flat. That has nothing to do with Don or his story. He says he doesn't know the shape of the earth and he doesn't care about it. So why are you stating that in this context?

8.2) If you're saying "shady people have stolen trillions, ergo shady people have developed consciousness transfer" your logical fallacy is false cause. That causal connection makes sense in your head and… Oh, sorry, that's it. For all we know consciousness could be beyond the reach of any machine. Trying to substantiate your claim by referring to Don's story is circular reasoning, so please bring other arguments.
(By "shady people" I mean the group you call " Criminally Insane Inbred Coven of Mega-Felon Pedophile Arch Zionist Khazarian Satanic parasites", I suppose.)

8.3) In point number 5 you draw the conclusion that NDEs and OBEs give "credence to Human Consciousness being a higher dimensional energy field". In my book (unlike yours, mine is unfortunately simply proverbial) this only indicates that human consciousness can exist without the body. How did you come to the conclusion of the energy field? Why isn't consciousness the same as, or inherent to, the soul? Something potentially transcendental and spiritual, beyond the reach of men and aliens? Please explain.

9) APPLYING THEM to this instance is a sign of intellectual immaturity and emotional resistance.

9.1) Also THE FLOOR IS LAVA! Seriously? Now I know you're just trying to make me laugh. This is essentially what you're saying: Welcome to the debate. We will discuss the matter under pretense A. The fact that it's the one under which I'm correct, is purely coincidental. Going to pretense B is possible, but be aware that doing so is a sign of intellectual immaturity and emotional resistance. Okay. Let's get started! I mean, do I have to point out you're being hilarious? (Again, rhetorical)

10) "I strongly suspect that MUCH of what Donald is saying is true."

10.1) Please be specific! And let me get the popcorn! Below are statements relating to Don's interview. Make a quick comment, or you can even go with a copy/paste and simply mark the statements with Y for Yes I believe this to be real/true, or N for No. Come on, don't be shy, I'm sure we'll all have a good laugh. Well, at least I will.

Here we go:

A) I believe the Atlanteans built horizontally unstable flying saucers. Y/N?

Fun fact: It would mean they wobbled about in the sky, and if not for the invention of the gyroscope we might have ended up with UWOs (Unidentified Wobbling Objects).

B) I believe Queen Elizabeth II needs a singing 5 year-old to impress celebrities like Britney Spears. Y/N?

C) I believe that sadist pedophiles sometimes forego molesting children for entertainment in the form of song and/or dance. Y/N?

D) I believe that when someone asks me to discredit myself it's a sign of mental health to murder them by bashing their skull into cement stairs. Y/N?

E) I believe the Egyptian pyramids were built to catch small lizard men. Y/N?

F) I believe that Don, born in 1975, invented fix-a-flat that has been around since 1970. Y/N?

Fun fact: You can use any reason. Time-travel, multiverse theory, reincarnation, or good old "I've made my mind up, don't confuse me with the facts!"

G) I believe that an alien wanted to hold Don's hand. Y/N?

H) I believe that Don has ridden around on a spider-horse. Y/N?

I) I believe Don is a creative genius concerning inventions, music, movie scripts, and/or the subject of Nostradamus' prophecies, King Arthur, Jesus Christ and/or the New Age Messiah. Y/N?

Fun fact: You can pick and choose as you please! Maybe a creative genius in music, as he did write "Lady" at 5 years old (didn't he?). Combined with a little Jesus maybe? He does have a beard doesn't he? Donald Christ the musical genius. Sounds good? You can believe it, I won't stop you.

11) Given that this is entirely a matter of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, much of Donald’s testimony is likely to be dream-like in nature, surreal and thus the normal rules of consciousness existence DO NOT NECESSARILY APPLY.

11.1) I saved the best for last. This is the gem of your post. You're 100% correct. This could explain everything. There are a thousand real and possibly terrifying things that could have happened to Donald, that could be hidden under his stories. But, if so, he still needs help to get to the truth of what has happened.

In my opinion you should just have gone with this consciousness theme in your whole post. I think it can be explored to find very interesting ideas. There's really no need to attack my post. If you can create a counter-argument, with better, more valid points than mine, that's it. You win. It's the friendlier approach and more effective way. I'd love to read a longer more strung together post from you, where you go into details and specifics. So far it seems you think evil people have consciousness transferring machines. And I have no problem with that. Could those exist? Sure! But will I believe it based on Donald Marshall's testimony? Absolutely not. Nor will I believe it based on your 8 points.

I understand that you find your "external knowledge" obvious and true. But surely you didn't reach that opinion from reading a mid-length post on a forum? So, you cannot expect to change my or anyone else's view with a post of the caliber that you wrote. I'm sure you have good information, so take the time to make a good post. Or throw in the towel and say "I don't have the time" or "it's not worth my time". I'll respect that. I sure don't have the time to make a post this long again, ever. So I really hope Greg doesn't invite Don back on the show!

Posted : March 23, 2016 12:55 AM
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Dear Spiritual.Warrior2,

I handed you a shovel, hoping you'd dig your own grave, metaphorically speaking. The reason being that I found your post rude and arrogant, and that brings out the trickster in me. Tricksters deflate ego. But I was hoping for some amount of resistance. You know, a little witty banter.

Having read your last post I've changed my mind, however. This is not a case of snickering at you while you dig your own grave. I find myself having handed a shovel to someone so (metaphorically) suicidal that they proceed to just whack themselves over the head, repeatedly. To the point where I feel bad for you.

I thought about apologizing and agreeing to disagree, but then you couldn't help yourself but to make another arrogant post and… Here we go again.

1) "I read very quickly, because I am not AmeriKan, inter alia."

1.1) Reading speed is as relevant to this post as flat earth to Donald Marshall, so I'm not surprised you open with this point. Also good for you! You're implying all American people are slow readers. If it needs pointing out, derogatory remarks are rude. As are sweeping generalizations.

2) "Vain and arrogant, superficial and shallow analysis."

2.1) These are your complaints: "This in-depth analysis is too long! This short reply has no in-depth analysis!" The whole thing with the shovel is quickly turning from comedy to tragedy, but you're still hilarious.

3) "Your “SUPPORT RATE” sounds like they could have come from a 1st grade class or a Mental Asylum."

3.1) Those are actual comments, by actual THC+ members. They're the ones who'll possibly read this. You're like a performer who gets on stage and tells the audience they're idiots. Like I said, watching you beat yourself into a pulp is not really entertaining…

3.2) You completely missed the point. Google argumentum ad populum. I was sarcastically lowering the debate to your level to show the futility of your argument. I'm very happy some members liked my post enough to let me know. But having someone agree is not a basis for determining correctness. A million people agreeing doesn't make them right, at most it makes them the majority. For you specifically this means that colorful words won't do. You need logical arguments.

Example: A person born 1975 is unlikely to be telling the truth when claiming to have invented something that came out 1970.

4) "Understand Critical Reasoning Skills. Understand Logic…"

From a debate point of view I'm watching you commit intellectual suicide. You're like a football player who keeps scoring in the wrong goal and yet is convinced they're winning.

5) "I am solely interested in getting people to raise their level of awareness."

That's awesome! Only you need to shoot the football into the correct goal. You're insulting the people you mean to help. Can't you see that? Don't you understand that, if you get on stage, call people idiots and then try to educate them, they're going to ignore you?

In the end I see why you support Donald Marshall. You have a lot in common. "I solely want to raise your awareness, but also you've been so dumbed down I can't even show it to you." Interesting. Don likes Bernie Mac and no one else. This far, you like Don and no one else. You want to help people, but seem unable to prevent yourself from insulting them. Imagine that. Just some observations. I'm sure it's nothing. And I've no intention of going full ad hominem, though I'm sure there is a good joke about sockpuppets right here.

Thank you for linking your pdf-file. For future reference, naming something "BOOK" doesn't make it one. That said, I actually read a few pages (not sure how many, as you forgot to number them) before realizing it was just a text-form dramatization of a bunch of flat earth videos I had already seen on youtube. Also, I think you should be careful calling it your intellectual property, unless you have the rights to all the pictures you've used.

Anyway. This "debate" has me feeling like a cyber bully and I don't like it. So please give me my shovel back and let's end this. I'm throwing in the towel and you're welcome to declare yourself the debate winner by walkover.


Posted : March 23, 2016 11:27 PM
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Dear Spiritual.Warrior2,

Thank you for replying! Out of curiosity I have a few questions. You seem to have a very negative view on the US. Where are you from? Also you find community college no good. So what has your education been like? You mention cannabis. In what other ways would you suggest people go about resisting the NWO agenda?

Posted : March 27, 2016 7:01 PM
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(Jumping in late!) Akimondo: I find your thoroughness and logic refreshing. Really short posts don't provide as much intellectual stimulation. I wish more people could and would debate issues -- it's like this is becoming a lost art! (Jumping out now...)

Posted : April 1, 2016 1:27 PM
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I hear troll whistles, anybody else hear that? I guess asking a logical series of questions got the book thrown at me again.


This was posted by Shamangineer in the Flat Earth theory / Eric Dubay. thread, as a response to Spiritual.Warrior2.

It doesn't really require any comments.

Also, I agree with what you said, JKBM.

Posted : April 18, 2016 5:08 PM
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Thank you stormesweet! If you read it all I commend either your reading speed or your patience!

Posted : April 18, 2016 5:11 PM
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Dear Keyboard.Warrior2

When someone is "...solely interested in getting people to raise their level of awareness" and then proceeds to use profanity, verbal abuse and rape similies, I'm not wasting anymore time on them.

Posted : April 18, 2016 5:28 PM
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Hi Akimodo -- Well I'm not patient but I do love to read! Thanks again for providing such good material on these forums.

Posted : June 19, 2016 1:25 PM
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Yeah, I am going to agree with Akimodo here...
SW2 had a 'decent' rebuttal at first... but then it all fell apart into personal attacks... Zoink.

Thanks for your post Akimodo.

Posted : July 19, 2016 2:26 PM
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Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you liked it!

Posted : July 22, 2016 7:43 PM
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akimondo's post = boss.
spiritual warrior = mad lame.
i could elaborate, but nah.
peace friends

Posted : December 17, 2016 4:16 PM
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