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Clint Richardson | Gain-Of-Function Research, Word Magic, & The Artificial Matrix

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Thank you, thank you, thank you Greg!!! Can't wait to listen!

Posted : March 3, 2021 8:45 PM
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Show Notes

Clint Richardson is an independent researcher, documentary filmmaker, radio show host, blogger, and book author. He’s known as a former Hollywood sound designer turned full time activist. Today he joins us to talk about his lengthy vaccine & COVID documentaries in the first hour, as well as his book The Strawman Story in the second. (books available):

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Posted : March 4, 2021 3:05 PM
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Good show. Clint has an interesting take on things. A little too reminiscent of Jan Irvin for my taste, but worth listening to. Hearing him completely dismiss Dr. Kaufman out of hand kind of brought on that vibe. Makes me even more curious to hear you interview Tom Cowan. I think that would be a doozy.

Posted : March 4, 2021 5:14 PM
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I don't know enough about Dr. Kaufman and Griffith to comment. I do know Clint fell prey to Jan's paranoia. I know Greg feels uncomfortable when a guest calls out another guest. However, I think when you're deep into conspiracy culture and you're a researcher you get tired of the bullshit. I know from listening to podcasters (who I enjoy to this day) put all their chips on Qanon made me want to scream and if I had the platform to call them out on it I would have.

Posted : March 4, 2021 5:58 PM
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Didn't really enjoy this one but I still listened, funny how denouncing terrain theory as valid but then saying no wonder we're all sick because of what we eat and how we live. Huge fan of the Carlwood as always though.

Posted : March 5, 2021 11:57 PM
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great video showing how to navigate through the vaers for Covid jab. Clint episode was good but he’s too cocky for his own good, hes the “unbiased savior” of the woke, really condescending. Maybe some of us like the empowerment of our beliefs especially when you think our beliefs shape the world we live in. Sorry everyone isn’t as black pilled as him and pessimistic. We get it, they’ve been doing that research forever, but guess what we all make our own day to day choices, and that’s what we CAN control. We don’t know where these labs are, who they’re run by, unless he wants to create an army to go after them he can STFU. When enough of us live our private lives the way we see fit outside of society’s narrative and try a true decentralized society, that’s when things will change. Not by YOU GUYS ARE ALL FOOLS AND BIASED I AM THE UNBIASED INFORMATION GIVER, I DON’T MAKE THE MONEY THAT IS WHAT MAKES ME RIGHT. (Per statements this episode and his spot on the Ripple Effect) maybe you’re just a dick and resentful because you can’t seem to get any traction. Love THC Greg keep it pushing!
Might be too much but I’m tired of the voiceless being stepped on by the mainstream or even people like Clint. Take that attitude somewhere else. We are trying to construct our own Union not save the republic. Secede!!!!

Posted : March 7, 2021 2:40 PM
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So, if someone is broke and really can’t afford organic or “good” food, it’s their fault when they die? Also I didn’t know that squirrels were good but my Sega Saturn is evil. Good to know.

Posted : March 9, 2021 5:26 PM