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Chad Stuemke - Esoteric Architecture, Stargate Detroit, & The Great Lakes Triangle

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Hi guys, i really enjoyed this episode. Although i live in the UK this topic fascinates me.3 years ago myself and friend witnessed a UFO event while camping in Somerset in the SW of England. It is a peculiar area famed for esoteric history (Glastonbury is just down the road). To cut a long story short myself and my friend witnessed 3 opaque ufos traversing along the same direction roughly 30-40,000 feet over head. Each sighting was around 5 minutes apart and each followed the same trajectory. I have a personal interest in ley lines and the landscape so when i got home i tried to plot their route which led me toward the Warminster area and ultimately Longleat. Warminster is/was a UFO hotspot in the 50s and 60s and i believe still have experiences to date.

As i said the whole area feels otherworldy, if you know the UK you will know what i mean. This lead me to look more closely at Longleat which is a large stately home owned by the Marquis of Bath (British aristocracy). Lo and behold what did i find there? An area named 'Heaven's Gate' which features a modern design of a stargate and standing stones (picture attached). Bizarre enough but now look closely at an over head map and am i the only person who can see a sort of egyptian gliph of some kind? Picture attached (longleat 1). Also when you look closely at the grounds of the house the mazes for which the house is famous look very odd. Does anyone else see the combination of lion and dragon on the far right of the picture? Leo/Draco? (longleat 2). In the same picture can anyone else see Owls in the other maze? Finally just to the right of Longleat 1 i think there may be another intended shape in the landscape but i cannot work it out.

If anyone is interested i the same subject please contact me on here. I have an ongoing investigation close to where i live and would really appreciate some extra input. Find me on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks, Mark (UK).

Posted : November 20, 2020 8:07 PM