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The Xenon case was absolutely fascinating. But Brandenburg (and so many others) kinda looses me when he strays away from the data to his personal speculation. The case of weaponized radiation signatures was very good but when the conversation turned to the Earth maybe being nuked in ancient times the logic fell apart. Mars has the elevated Xenon in it's atmosphere, Earth has elevated Xenon since 1945... but not prior to 1945... but there is this Libyan radioactive glass maybe from an ancient nuke but no Xenon signature... This doesn't make any sense to me.

Help me out, did I miss something? Is it that it would have happened so long ago (Cretians period when everything but cockroaches died or something?) that the Xenon dispersed and there hasn't been as much time passes on Mars? IDK.

I know that there is an ancient Hindi tale of gods using something that seems like nuclear weapons. I know that there is are ruins in South America that are radioactive and show signs of a ground zero detonation. But nothing on the global/world ending scale of Mars.

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Posted : October 23, 2017 1:58 PM