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Episode Rankings?

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Hello community.  I wasn’t  able to find this information elsewhere so I wanted to check here before I bothered Mr. Carlwood with it. First time in the forum so forgive my ignorance. 

I want to start making my way through the archives but need a little help. The category filter on the website is helpful and I’ve searched my favorite guests, but I was wondering… 

Is there a list or filter for “most popular episodes” or “most downloaded”?

I’m sure this may differ from app to app but just a general idea to help narrow things down is what I’m looking for. I’ve kinda run out of old episodes based on my favorite hosts and subjects but that still leaves hundreds of episodes.  I’d like to expand my horizons a little and consume some of other folks’ favorite THC. Plus, it’d just be interesting to see the data. 

 Isaac Weishaupt mentioned his most downloaded episodes after an Astroworld episode took over first place and it got me thinking, that criteria sure could help wade through the archives. Greg could maybe mention it on an outro or post an image on the socials? Or y’all could tell me what I’ve been doing wrong this whole time. 

Any assistance is much appreciated. Good speed. 

Blair, plus member

Posted : March 29, 2022 2:57 AM