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Hi there, the cool kids call me Pinky. I've been a listener and friend of the show for many years, but have been shying away from the community until now for reasons that I'm sure will eventually come up.  

I juggle geese on Wednesdays and will steal from the old, disabled, or otherwise vulnerable any time that I get the chance. Very much looking foreward to the rapture, cuz I'm sure I'll be first on the list! Sincerely looking forward to watching out from heavens windows to see the sinners fry below in a pit of horrible hell.  ...because they deserve it for acting up so much and not doing as they were told.


 Greg, see this:

Terms and conditions 


1.3 (if I recall correctly -the auto scroll made it improbable for me to copy and paste on a tablet) The bit about reserving the right to change anything at any time as pertains the agreement; I wanted to note that I do the same. ...which sorta makes the whole thing silly, but I have a party hat on today anyway, and I'm a reasonable individual like Greg, so I think we'll be good.


Posted : December 4, 2022 8:37 PM