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Hello Greg and forums!

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Hello! I am Simbala and I've been listening to THC for quite some time now - I first got into podcasts a couple of months ago and this just happened to be one that I picked up along with maybe seven others and besides one other podcast (and don't judge me here but the other one is 'Here's the thing' with Alec Baldwin) I found myself mostly looking forward to new episodes of this show. Was putting off going plus for a while but the last couple of shows have just been bangers and after tonight's show with David Mathisen, I knew I couldn't wait until next payday to pull the trigger. The extra time put into the free show was such a treat and the bottom hour was just incredible so I went for it.

I want to say thank you, Greg, if you're reading this, and I'm sure you are - hi there. So... I work as a janitor at a car dealership so I get to clean the toilets used by people either getting ripped off or ripping people off every day (and I'm sure that's an exaggeration, not every car deal is a scam, probably) but honestly I don't mind my job because I'm really not much of a people person, so being able to just pop in the headphones and grind out the work is really nice for me. Mostly I just listened to music for a while, but then I got turned on by this guy on Youtube - Infinite Waters - and he puts out a video every day and listening to them kind of became therapeutic in a way. So then I started looking for podcasts, but man, lots of the podcasts I've listened to are just, so, booring. and filled with as many sponsored ads as they think they can get their listener-ship to devour. The Higherside Chat show, on the other hand, consistently takes on fascinating topics while scratching that conspiratorial itch so many of us have. Greg you always seem to have the best questions on hand to both draw information out of your guests while priming them to think more deeply about other aspects of their work that they might not have considered. Also, your intros are legendary, every one is both concise and expansive as well as respectful. I really like hearing different guests reactions to your intros because they sometimes never seem to expect it. Anyways all this to say you've brought some great entertainment into my life while opening a few doors for me along my spiritual journey as well so thank you very much for doing what you do.

In the next couple of months this show is going to get big. I don't know how big, but between the good work you do and the free trials you're now offering, you're going to soon see an explosion of growth. I'm just happy to be along for the ride, I've got a simple stoner mind like you -haha- but I'm slowly starting to see the pattern. Maybe because I was raised in a strictly Catholic house, but the part tonight where David was talking about raising up the divinity in people and forgiving their animal nature really kind of jumped out at me. I think this show can help do that for people, and the more they realize it, the more popular you'll become. but of course the more popular you are, the more noticeable you'll be to the elite. I hope you never stray from the uncensored, uncovered information that crops up most likely only because the elite fail to destroy it.

And I'm sure you won't! Sorry to ramble on, I smoked a little smoke right before opening my laptop so this is all over the place. Anyways, I'm gonna go listen to the rest of tonight's show and play some League of Legends while I do, so, yeah.


Posted : November 1, 2016 9:34 AM
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Hi Greg its Stephen from Coventry in England love your work keep it going man, sure you will have your own talk show soon if your ever in England email me and we can go to a football match, I will tell all about the beautiful game.


Posted : November 1, 2016 8:45 PM
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Man, I’m glad I quit procrastinating and came to the light! It’s great to be here and I hope to get acquainted with my fellow seekers.

THC has grown to be a highly regarded show that can’t be surpassed, and Greg, I’m so glad you followed your dream. Thanks for all your effort!

Posted : December 7, 2016 12:12 PM
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Thanks to all three of you! The support means a lot and I appreciate how optimistic you are about THC's future. I'm hopeful too. I definitely remember feeling like if I could just have headphones in at work, it would be so so much more bearable. Congrats on having the luxury man!

Posted : December 9, 2016 3:31 AM
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This is my only post! haha wow! So reading this six years later after popping in to see if I can't find that meetup calendar thing - I would say, the middle paragraph where I sort of review THC really stands true. Even today I think I caught Greg Little say "I hadn't thought of it like that" or some such. And really Greg if you're ever strapped for cash you should put out educational material on how to make introductions and generally how to give interviews my dude!

Also, I now work as an embroidery machine operator. I still get to wear headphones but my job is pretty nice actually! 


Posted : June 18, 2022 1:25 AM