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Hello from New Orleans, LA

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Greetings fellow tin foil hatters and the like! I'm fairly new to THC, and it's good to be here.

I've been on a deep dive into expansion and evolution of consciousness ever since reading an old short children's book about gravity to my son that left me with many unanswered questions. From there, I quickly discovered gravity has some 'issues' with it in the standard model and is open to different and/or new interpretations. Since my initial deep dive, I've been delving into all fringe and controversial topics that would be considered conspiratorial by the mainstream. This is because seemingly all things are connected and are ever apparently so the more you go deeper into the rabbit holes!

During my journey, and since I tend to focus on the scientific side of things, I also discovered the unification of physics theories and ideas from Nassim Haramein. In my fervent attempt at finding more of Nassim, I came across THC podcast and Greg! After being disappointed that there was a 2nd hour of Nassim (and yet another 2nd podcast show with him on THC), I quickly subscribed to plus and figured I'd give THC a shot. Well 4 months later I've been enjoying all the shows whilst gaining even more knowledge of all things THC has to offer.

I love merging science with mysticism, magic, and all things highly strange (even religion, too)! I also like learning how everything we know from mainstream is a fabricated lie, and we are in a controlled simulation within this physical reality (some might say virtual or digital even)!

So, hello to all here and especially to Greg, to whom I extend special thanks for making my journey to enlightenment even faster etc. Grateful to be here, and also shout out again to Greg's top notch intros and interview preparation, your.fuckin'.move.

Posted : January 25, 2023 5:27 PM