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Greetings from the Alabama Gulf Coast

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Hello Greg and to all you adventurers on this journey of discovery. I am new to The Higherside Chats, but since finding this podcast (dare I say… state of mind) I have been listening with a rapt fascination. Enjoying this latest episode with Gordon White was the catalyst that pushed me to disregard my hesitation to join and become part of this august assembly. Greg, since first hearing Gordon on THC, I have, like you, apprenticed myself to his magic and theories. His declaration that Jack Sparrow, as trickster, epitomized the magic in western civilization and then highlighting Sparrow’s technique for goal achievement was very enlightening. Gordon does a great job with his ‘Rune Soup’, but I must say that it pales in comparison to the witches’ brew you stir up with the likes of Crrow, Nick Redfern and the Shamangineer.

I know the truth has been manipulated to keep the mass of society in economic servitude. I may find this subject in the archives, but having lived through the gas shortages of the 70’s and $5 a gallon gas I have always doubted the truth of oil as a non-renewable resource. I have struggled to believe that my car runs on dinosaurs that wandered into a quagmire. I contend that Mother Earth is continuing to produce oil, but that truth can’t come out. That would weaken the hold the oil company oligarchs have on society and reduce the billions of dollars in profit they enjoy annually.

I want ya’ll to know that I am glad to be here and look forward to participating in many discussions and continuing to expand my consciousness. Having already invested numerous hours listening to the free shows, I am excited to have so much more content available to me now.
Greg, next time you sit down to pack the pipe, think of thenighthawk and pack it once for me!

Posted : May 3, 2017 12:31 AM
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That good sir was a fantastic introduction. You seem very well spoken and I look forward to reading some of your ideas and view points on different topics.

Posted : May 3, 2017 1:21 AM