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Topic Suggestion: The Next "Cyberpandemic worse than C*VID"

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The Maggot-Underlords-That-Be are signaling to a 'Cyberpandemic worse than C*VID" as their next terroristic attack.
The WEF Cybɘrpölyön event will happen shortly on 9 JULY under a waning crescent moon, while the tech overlords including Zuck, Tim Cook, Reed Hastings etc. hold a Summer Get-away in Idaho (certainly no relation to Bohemian Grove, occurring in a similar timeframe).
It might be useful to focus on this. Maybe it's a Larp or distraction, or maybe they are already pointing to the event as they have elsewhere. Decoding, preparation, high-octane speculation needed.

Posted : July 7, 2021 7:21 PM