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Silicon Valley's Secret Weapon: The Shadow History of Burning Man

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I know you love having your mind blown, so please follow the link below if you haven't already stumbled upon it.

Too many connections to ignore. You can go look up any of these military guys on wikipedia and a picture really starts to paint itself.

You have got to get Steve Outtrim on your show, and/or Gnostic Media, although I would recommend having the latter talk specifically about the Grateful Dead, and then have him back to talk about Trivium Education. But this guy Steve has got the research on Burning Man. If you all haven't seen this series, go watch it, mind blowing connections.

Posted : April 27, 2017 9:46 PM
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HEY! This guy REALLY should be on the show! You really like to have lots of repeat guests on, and with this guy's VAST amount of info, you could have this dude on till the cows come home. If you could invest some time in getting this relationship, it might make it easier to get more interviews in the can. You could get like ten episodes here with the info he shares with Jan. Who cares about the Jan connection, who knows, it might help!

Posted : October 31, 2018 8:27 AM