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Sage Of Quay/Mike Williams--Paul McCartney replaced, Beatles are a fabricated entity.

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Kind of a Conspiracy Classic, maybe old news to some, but not a topic I see much coverage of.


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Posted : February 26, 2023 7:40 PM
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Paul is dead is one of my fav rabbit holes...  the rotten apple paul is dead videos are awesome.  i think paul 2 (aka billy/william) is behind the videos.


also, if anybody is interested in P.i.d. theory check out, the memoirs of billy shears.  its written from the point of view of paul 2 (aka billy/william)...he says he has to legally present the book as fiction and change a few things so it is technically 'fiction' but its all real.  it s a rabbit hole and a half...


he talks about how he communicates with paul 1 from beyond the grave...and how crowley was a fam. friend and like his godfather...and how his uncle was part of the tavistock institute.  its wild...and beyond belief... its one of those stories that is so crazy that it may indeed be true.


also, from a psychological perspective its interesting because paul 2 really lays it on thick about how he is the true paul becaues he has been doing it longer ... it reads as someone who is 'protesting too much' and is struggling with guilt over being a replacement paul.


however, all in all, its an awesome book and i'm a big fan of paul 2, i love his solo albums. and think this PID thing really just makes the beatles all the more epic 

Posted : March 17, 2023 10:47 AM