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Would love if you could get an interview with Rory Duff. He gave an interview with Chris Dunning on Earth Ancients a while back, and he's given a few other interviews on other podcasts as well. is his website.

He's a ley lines guy... basically a scientist who got redpilled when he met dousers out on geology jobs, learned to dowse himself, and basically applied a scientist's mindset to see how far this stuff went. Well, very far, and soon he was using dowsing not only to map ley lines but to discover some of the physics of how they worked, suss out their relationship to megalithic sites, to the planet, and to consciousness, and eventually started working with communites to heal ley lines that had been polluted with negative energy from building projects that don't resonate with nature.

He sounds like the real deal and seems like a really nice guy, and it would be great to get him on for the THC treatment.

Posted : March 27, 2022 9:30 PM