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Robert Newman: The Mozart Myth

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Robert Newman has been researching Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for 15 years. He shares themes from his book, "The Assassination of Mozart". Robert talks about the myth, PR campaign and lies surrounding Mozart’s life. Topics Discussed: how Robert first stumbled upon the Mozart discrepancies, suppression of evidence, Maynard Solomon, 25 symphonies, enlightenment thinkers, Voltaire, Russo, Mozart as a musical "Superman", his father Leopold Mozart, the Mozart letters, Mozart as an actor, Austria, Joseph the Second, the Illuminati, Jesuits, emperor in Vienna, the holy Roman empire, the Hapsburgs, the 60's music scene and manipulation, Renaissance, the wunderkint, Idomeneo, The Marriage of Figaro, Mozart's sister Maria Anna Mozart, Maria Teresa von Paradise and much more. In our second hour with Robert, we talk about the importance of Prague and The Mozarts Requiem. Other Topics Discussed: the year 1786, the Thurn and Taxis family, Regensburg, Mozart's concerts for the Royals, Vienna publishers, The Abduction from Seraglio, Count Zin Zin Dorf, Johan Sebastian Bach, active suppression of this information, Mozart's death, potential poisoning of Mozart, Mozart was prosecuted in 1790, Beethoven’s role in this, The Magic Flute, secret initiation, "Gieseka", publisher Simrock, Don Giovanni, British empire, power of the monarchy, Queen Charlotte, Freemasonry, French Revolution, the Jesuit Order, Maximilien Robespierre, Regensburg, Paris Symphony, Maynard Solomon as a source, musicology, history and conspiracy, Mozarteum, Kershel Catalog and much more.

Posted : December 10, 2018 9:46 PM