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Psychosis, Paranoia and Conspiracies

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Do a show regarding psychosis and conspiracies.

There are two main aspects to it:

  • the typical degradation of conspiracy theorists being mentally ill,
  • conspiracy theorists who are actually suffering from a psychosis.

I often obverse people and their theories who are actually psychotic, but the community is so hinged on mysterious stuff, that warning signs are ignored.

Psychosis comes in different forms and shapes. There is the typical "I am Jesus and have to save the world" variation. Or "the government is influencing my thoughts".

The apparent problem is that certain parts of government actually develop technologies to drive peoples thoughts. But that does not mean, that everybody who claims such stuff (say, on youtube), is actually a target of the individual. Very often, one can pick up hints of a psychosis easily.

Not as brutal as psychosis is the plasticity of some peoples minds: they simply believe what is presented to them, especially when supplemented with a seemingly logical explanation.

I feel that a solid education regarding mental health would benefit conspiracy theorists.

Alex Jones is such an example. Do you feel that he is mentally sound and sane? Well. Interestingly, that does not automatically invalidate everything what he is saying. But people need to understand clearly that there are complex personalities around in the truther community.

Posted : January 12, 2018 11:49 AM
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My partner is a social worker and would harshly warn about attempting to "di-agnos" anyone, especially media personalities. That said this discussion is of central importance to critical research in occulted topics, as well as learning how to maintain safe boundaries with "dangerous" personalities.

Possible considerations: mental health as stigma socially. Mental health as weaponized PR stigma applied to conspiracy researchers/promoters. Reality of generalized mental diseases throughout our culture. Reality of mental dis-ease specific to conspiracy/deep research communities. Mental health and the effects of conspiracy research (for good and ill). Mental health and the medical industries use of the DSM for cultural control. Mental health and the history of government's control of subversives. Mental health and DIY/community based empowerment approaches. Post traumatic growth...etc.
And as Phil K. Dick said, "just because your paranoid, it doesnt mean they arent out to get you." And Also, "it is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane."


The prof

Posted : January 22, 2018 4:31 PM