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Have you considered interviewing the french professor of microbiology?

I have been privileged to follow everything I can, with a good degree of french comprehension in my life, regarding this man's endeavours this year.

He is a very serious man of science, who may be frustrated to cover things anew, but would understand the need to do this for the english-speaking world. Greg- from your side of things, it would be the most serious interview you have ever attempted, so I should like to put things in sequence for the sake of accuracy and significance.

He is primarily world-renown for his discovery of bacterial species that bear his name (Raoultella planticolis, Raoultella Ornitholytica, Raoultella electrica) as well as 'giant viruses'.

This year has seen a tumultuous series of events leading to an audience with the president, Macron, and most recently his testimony at a National enquiry at the General Assembly of France.

He has been a fierce critic of the recent Lancet studies (known as Lancetgate in France) as well as big pharma and big data. At the above-mentioned National Assembly meeting, he sites GILEAD as the funders of an alleged death threat. He is careful to state that he hopes all bad decisions taken at governmental & science press levels are the result of incompetence rather than malice.

His philosophical outlook on science and society is so fully informed, as to buck the modern trends and indoctrinations so prevalent in western educational systems. He is first and foremost, a doctor who seeks to treat ethically without submitting patients to the whims of dishonourable pharmaceutical corporate trials.

Here is an example of an interview he gave in English

What say you Greg?

Posted : June 29, 2020 11:33 AM