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MMS, Jim Humble

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The acronym MMS is a bit misleading as it spells out Miracle Mineral Supplement.
The stuff actually working is called Chlorine dioxide.
It is not an organic-natural healing method, but based on chemicals.

I tried it myself, not a for a medical condition, but on the basis of cleansing.

It definitely does something to you. Within hours I felt more energy in my body, it had an electrical feeling, and I felt the need to take long walks to get rid of the sudden energy. My mind became more swift and flexible, it is hard to describe in words. So, yes, some cleansing seemed to happen.

I felt slightly feverish for a couple days, but that did not prevent me from anything.

According to my doctor, there is no reason why it should work. But according to my doctor it should not work at all.

If overdosed, one visits the toilet. Which may be necessary in life threatening situations, as these call for higher dosages.

Posted : April 19, 2018 3:24 PM