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Jaron Lanier. The digital reality and its future

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He is one of big names in the shadows of history. Left off the mainstream puppet shows, but is one of the architects if the internet age.
He is outspoken, giving talks about how this didopia seeding internet skinner ox we now live in, what is the most likely trajectory? How do the behavioral impacts work?
He believes that we have wasted the internet (us by misusing it, and corporations by abusing it)
How do we go forward? How do we survive and ride the wave?
This is what we have been talking about for years on HSC (and Gordon too, on RS)
I feel like he's a moonshot guest, but so actice, so vocal, convicted, and so much more comfortable with the tech sphere than most guests, or even their web pr consultants
I think we would get so much value out of a talk between him and Greg! (or Gordon)
Insights and advice we can finally take as gospel (or, a chapter in the boy scout survival guide for a grab-bag distopia)

Posted : October 19, 2021 1:01 PM
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Upvote this one

Posted : March 31, 2022 11:24 PM