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Guest Suggestion: Maja D'Aoust

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Check out to learn more about Maja. She has 2 new books out (I'll send you them if you'd like) and a book about the Occult I-Ching coming in December. LMK

  1. Familiars in Witchcraft: Supernatural Guardians in the Magical Traditions of the World (audiobook available as well)
  2. A Witch's Bestiary: Visions of Supernatural Creatures

    She can talk about anything, not just magic and witchcraft. So your interview style would be great for here because you can ask her about anything and she can level up the THC magic thread 10-fold. She is walking magic. So the work presented in the above books are relevant to the conspiracy world (who's behind the curtain) and reality at large (what are we are where are we) so we your listeners would be in for a treat.

    There are great podcasts with her out there but she definitely needs the THC treatment and your audience could use some more female voices telling it like it is. And she is familiar with your podcast as well. She liked the Bock Saga ones.

    Maybe you two could do divination on the show or use the iching, tarot, to ask a question. Could be illuminating and a change of pace.

    She can also offer solutions and or practices or advice for the listeners, so a real take-a-way, which is always appreciated.

    It's cool to listen to cool ideas and learn stuff so I can change ideas, but give me something I can try and do and I'm literally a changed man.

    Youtube videos

    Maja is a practicing Witch who performs public rituals and gives educational lectures. Maja's interest in Alchemy, magic and the esoteric sciences spans her entire lifetime. After completing her Bachelors degree in Biochemistry, Maja studied oriental medicine, martial arts and acupuncture, later earning her Masters degree in Transformational Psychology. Maja worked for 11 years as the librarian of Manly P. Hall's Philosophical Research Society. Author of several books, journal articles and blog content Maja writes and is a visual artist. Currently Maja is starting a public educational non-profit 501 c-3 called The Well Wishers which focuses on teaching wellness and esoteric sciences to the community.

    Yours in service to reality,

Posted : August 1, 2019 6:56 PM