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Freaky Chanellers

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Greg, have you considered interviewing a 'chanelled' entity?

What I want to know is how much does technology play a part in the phenomenon
? I suspect various groups have something to gain from all this strangeness. Last year, one channeller explained that the government was using him nefariously:

There are times when a channeller will hold a Q&A session, and these can be genuinely funny and also inspiring even. I can feel overcome with the information they come out with. Kryon and Bashar, for instance, make me chuckle often (anyone see the one where the audience member spoke to Bashar's ship? Priceless!).

Imagine interviewing the actual entity in a way that you could shed light on the process / corruption.

I have gotten a reply from the administrator for Lee Carroll on this email: - I asked her, in 2014, if she had thought of a tech' aspect to Lee's mental state, and she couldn't really cope with the implications of that.

Any thoughts anybody?

Posted : April 12, 2017 2:13 PM