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Elena Danaan has close to 100k subscribers on YouTube.

She is a French contact experiencer from childhood (and previously an archeaologist who worked on the Giza plateau!) and is in contact (not by channelling, but in direct contact with) certain benevolent ETs. Her background is European shamanism I think through her mother's line, so she has knowledge on a few topics of interest to you. She now lives in Ireland and works as a Druidess. You can contact her at that website: or by email:

The main reason I was prompted to connect you from your recent interview with Ole Dammegard, where he was expressing optimism for humanity but he said he didn't have anything to base that optimism on. It made me realise that neither you nor he had heard Elena's recent messages from the last six months or so.

She has the missing pieces of information about what's happening in our solar system: from space arks activating around the planet, which ETs are coming and which ones have been kicked out, what's happening with the ruling elite this year etc. All right up THC's alley. 

I think a good intro to her work would be this interview from Michael Salla (skip to minute 5:00 to start the interview properly)

Many other episodes on exopolitics feature her info, whether by her personally or often info she supplied to him to report.

Her YT channel:

I know she would be an excellent addition to your guest lineup. She can certainly do a 2hr show. She has a book filled with drawings of ETs from different planets and systems (surely that'd be enough to pique your interest!) and she seems like an amazing human.

I couldn't recommend her more highly. She would bring a great energy to the show.

I hope this finds you well. I have reached out to her as well, suggesting she look out for you.

Kind regards


A couple of her books

We will never let you down (her personal story)

A gift from the stars: Extraterrestrial contact and guide of alien races




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Posted : May 6, 2022 9:23 AM
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i second this suggestion.  i like her very much and she gives off good energy... do i know 100% she is legit? no, i wasnt on the motherships with her so i cant say for sure, lol... but she seems sincere 


would like to see more of an inclusion of the more 'new age' type folks into the high strangeness community...  

Posted : May 18, 2022 6:10 PM