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Clint Richardson- The story of the law.

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Greg & Co.

Maybe similar guests were interviewed before I joined. Clint was a Hollywood sound man before he left that career to study the word-magic of the western legal system. He was the host of The Corporation Nation on the Republic Broadcasting Network before ending the show to author the first book, 'Strawman', in what will be an anthology on the matrix of the legal system. The book is available for download for free. I've not read it, but I did hear Clint speak a couple years back at The Free Your Mind Conference. I've only dabbled in the work of legal system researchers like David Williams of Matrix Solutions, but Clint strikes me as quite the powerhouse on the subject.

The whole strawman/corporate personhood topic is super muddy to me. It's easy to get bogged down in legalese, which volume of Blacks Law, or which year of Webster's holds sway. Still I'm endlessly fascinated by claims that some of these researchers make about the Constitution only applying to the authors of it and their posterity! I can't say if Clint covers the topic, but similar researchers even get into the legal framework as it pertains to ownership and control of various nations. Typically bold claims are made that the US and other lands won by the British Empire are still legally speaking Crown colonies. This of course leads to the popular image we have all seen by now, which is the three obelisks of The Vatican, The City of London, and Washington D.C. Likely you've had a few guests reference this trifecta as the Globalist capitols of control.

Anyway, perhaps some of this jazz will strike your fancy. Thanks for all the great content! Keep up the good work!

Posted : March 27, 2017 9:55 PM
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If not this guy, a good episode on the Strawman concept would be really nice. There are a TON of talks on GooTube about this, but most are from Canadians. It would be great and groundbreaking to cover this concept from the angle of someone who has been through the process in the U.S. Corp. territory. Peace!

Posted : October 31, 2018 8:30 AM