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Archaix: history/disaster cycles, simulation theory-type guy

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Archaix = acronym for "Advanced Research of Chronological History of Artificial Intelligence X"


Dude has done dozens of videos and many long-form convos/interviews and has published/written over a dozen books (hardcopy + e-books).  Heard him on a recent 2+ hour-long AlfaVedic podast & was left wanting more.  Has a pretty interesting personal life story as well.


YouTube page:  Archaix - YouTube 

Website:  Archaix 

e-mail address:





Posted : June 19, 2022 3:38 AM
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A little additional info:

Jason Breshears claims to have discovered (referencing old books/texts as well as from decoding clues encoded in architecture like the pyramids) a cycle of catastrophes that works in 138-year increments/multiples.  These catastrophes arrive in the form of strange celestial bodies which interfere w/the Sun and cause floods, earthquakes, rains of mud, etc., here on Earth. 

He relates this to "system resets" that regularly and predictably occur that sometimes wipe out most civilizations on Earth, although often the phenomenon is more localized & less devastating. Last mini-reset was in 1902 which, according to his math, means another, possibly more devastating one is coming in 2040. 

He believes that the Great Pyramid in Egypt is a massive computer (also asserts that one or more of these pyramids are 'decoys') that, if understood properly, may be able to be used to prevent these resets--which he believes are unnatural.

Can't speak precisely for his point of view, but he seems to subscribe to the notion of human spirits being trapped in a simulated 'hijacked 3D reality'.


Posted : June 20, 2022 7:48 PM
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I came onto this forum for the first time, specifically to request an interview with Archaix. 

Glad to see I’m not the only one. Hopefully we can make it happen!

Posted : July 2, 2022 9:25 AM
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It might be me, I get red flags listening to him. He speaks in rapid fire manner, talking at interviewer (& guests) with little two way dialogue. It’s like he’s memorized or reading off a script. He has declined guest interviews with most women podcasters and prefers speaking to mostly men. Just get weird vibe from him but his historical stories and ideas are thought provoking. Sometimes I think script writers, actors, military and intelligence groups throw out a person and back story to see who bites. I am sure the AI learns from discussion around each personality. An example (IMHO) would be escapees from cloning facilities coming to surface to share stories on YouTube. I am not saying this is true with this person. Just get idea that crumbs are thrown out for truthers to chase tail and stay busy like Q.  Greg would be the perfect person to investigate. 

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Posted : July 11, 2022 4:02 PM
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We have to get Jason Breshears on THC before the end of 2022 or ASAP in 2023. I have watched over 100 Archaix videos after this forum brought the channel to my attention. I have viewed with a skeptical eye, as we do, and will concur the observations that Noel Jeanette made above. He speaks very rapid fire and it is often a one way conversation as Jason doesn't allow many interjections and occasionaly speaks over the other party.
(He also has mentioned that he does not hear himself well due to an injury with his ear)

That being said, I feel that this is in part because he is overflowing with a lifetime of carefully studied information and the fact that he spent 26 years in prison and may be a bit out of sorts while reacclimating to the decorum of the interpersonal exchanges he is now engaging in. The material and chronological accounts that he conveys are simply unparalleled by anything or anyone I have ever come across. Every time I think that I have found a hole in his assertions I have been incorrect as the gaps are filled in by continuing to watch the channel and further understanding the information. He is so confident, and often speaks as if all of what he is speaking about is concrete fact, and much of what he is asserting is exactly that. However, through the course of the channel he does properly differentiate and spell out areas that he simply theorizes based on his immense data sets or if something is just his opinion as well. 

For me, I can take in all of the chronology and history and information about the vapor canopy biosphere, giants and titans, and so on, but I still don't have to make the leap to agree with the assertion of us living in a simulation. Not yet at least as I definitely do not rule it out either. But the bottom line is there is no one out there like this guy who has put together such a body of work and made such a case.

His work hits all the notes: Simulation Theroy, Hollow Earth, Flat Earth. Annunaki, Space, Timelines, Missing Time, Tartaria, Cataclysm, Religion,
The Elite, Biblical and General Human History laid out in concise fashion.
Just to name a few.
Greg, if there was ever a guest you wanted to give an extra 30 minutes to an hour, this is the guy.
Giants Greg, Hollow Earth Brother!!! 😉

The Archaix Youtube Channel is in the process of steady growth right now and it is imperative that savvy and seasoned THC audience vet this man and his information before THE PHOENIX RETURNS in 2040 and THE NEMESIS X OBJECT follow in 2046!!!

Can I get a show of hands please?

Posted : September 5, 2022 12:55 PM