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[Sticky] Welcome! New to Forums? - Read this

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Welcome to the THC Forum & Social Media Platform!
Hey there, Greg Carlwood here and I just want to welcome you to the club, explain the rules, and give you some ease-of-use tips that might be helpful:

Getting Started:
Firstly, to be a part of this community, you must be a current or previous THC+ member. To help the community thrive and in the spirit of not taking something away from people who might invest in it, a forum account is for a lifetime and will only be removed for conduct violations, not for lapsed THC+ memberships.

The THC+ username you created at sign up is already in the forum system, but you'll need a separate password since your THC+ access is tied to THC+ payments, but the forum isn't. Click the "forgot password?" link to set one up.

Appify The Forums:
For a platform like this to have the best ease-of-use, it needs to be massively mobile friendly, and it is! Just use the options in your mobile browser to select "Add To Home Screen" and you're done! By avoiding the app stores, we eliminate another choke point for corporate censorship, without hurting the user experience. (We're working on a branded icon, but it works just the same.)

Guidelines & Rules of Conduct:
Conduct: Obviously, the internet can be a pretty vile place. Let's not bring that here. Pretend you are at a big party at my house. You can disagree with people, but don't insult them. The only caveat to free speech here, is decency. People like THC for many different reasons, but that common bond should be enough to at least respect each other. Racy and taboo subjects are okay, personal attacks are not. Just be cool, man.

Posting: The best way to keep everyone happy and this platform easy to use, is to keep it organized. Please be conscious of where you're posting, and respect the categories and topic segmentation. It make things easier on everyone.

Besides myself, the THC forums will have a very small group of volunteer moderations. Their main priority is organization and ease-of-use. These are THC listeners just like you, they don't want to police behavior or have to make uncomfortable judgement calls, so please don't make them.

If you're interested in being a member of the mod team in exchange for a free Plus Membership, please contact me.

User Profiles & THC Social:
Outside of the forum itself, is a full social media platform of profile pages, status posts, news feeds, private messaging, and post sharing. Much of this is just like any social media platform, and you can few the community activity feeds on the sidebar (or under the forums on mobile.) Essentially, we have all the features of Twitter and Facebook baked right in. How nice.

Media Section or Our Own Personal Reddit: On the menu bar, is a media section. I will be tweaking this for ease-of-use and organization soon, but feel free to post important video or images that others might enjoy. Media you upload will be cataloged on your profile page as well. Curate well! It comes with comments and up/down voting to make it more Reddit-like, replacing another censorship heavy platform I used to enjoy. Score!

Posted : February 12, 2017 7:58 PM
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If you're interested in this book go to YouTube and watch the Smoky God revealed. It's about a 16 minute video. Wow. He did a good job. But I wonder why he didn't look up the uncle Gustav?

Posted : December 5, 2022 5:01 AM
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Is it possible to edit/delete posts and post replies? If yes, how? Please and thank you.

Posted : May 6, 2023 10:47 PM
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Thank you for this very organized forum. I have abstained from all forms of social media since the end of the Trump era. Im giving this a go. 

Posted : September 23, 2023 2:03 PM