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Dusan Balic
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Would like to hear people's thoughts on what's happening.  BTC is down 65% since last year and could possibly re-test the 20k level we last saw in 2017.  Broader stock market is down 20-30% depending on which index you look at, though most stocks are down 50% from last year.  Personally, I'm riding it out, holding investments, and keeping cash.  No debt.  The Federal Reserve will raise rates on Wed.  Everyone looking to see how much and what their talking points will be.  I was walking in downtown Austin this past weekend and saw so many conference goers with their badges attending a crypto conference with US Senators and celebrities talking up crypto, and the day after they leave town everything goes straight into the toilet.  I think the motto for the rest of this year is riding out the storm.  

Posted : June 13, 2022 10:34 PM