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This one's dedicated to the one I love...

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I've been a plus member through some of the hardest times of my life. When I've felt the most lost navigating it all, the Higherside Chats and Greg's excellent moderating got me through it in all kinds of ways.

Not so much this year...
I'm not saying everythings gone to hell, I'm just noticing the vibe of the episodes have taken a turn I'm attributing to covid fatigue.

Covid is the root of the problem. I think a lot of us have gotten to a place where we see the discussion around covid as the real mosnter on the rampage, not so much the medical mess they keep dragging us back into. Everytime you think you're done hearing about it 24/7, some new crap stirs up the old covid septic tank.

I appreciate Greg's diligence. But I'm done with anything covid related. Lock downs, systemic power grabs. It's important, I want to stay informed, but we need to treat it like Greg did at the beging of the hysteria.
He said something like, 'we need to keep up with covid as it unfolds, we can't ignore it entirely, but at the same time I've got guests lined up already. There's only so much to say on the matter, and this channel is trying to cover a diverse set of topics already.'

We know all this crap is happening. What we don't know is what to do with ourselves while it all happens.... Thats where the higherside chat stepped up and went beyond its competition for years.

Yes, conspiracies and the world's hidden ugliness should be brought to light, but we still need to focus on health, sustainability, collapse proofing yourself, verified and utilized occult thought/ practice...
All of those things that have changed our perspective and our tactics for the better

I just hope we stop diving headlong into the smokescreen and completely lose our shit everytime they decide to rattle the cage

Posted : November 17, 2021 5:35 PM
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Lots of SHTF, survival and permie sites out there, though it is difficult to find one that has not bought into the covid scam without also being a politically charged MAGA-bro beacon. Greg (rightfully) leaves politics out of it, though may not focus on survival topics as much. Still a good trade off afaik.

Posted : November 30, 2021 9:14 PM