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PSA: Video Sharing Tactics

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I've noticed a lot of info-sharing threads which merely contain an embedded YouTube video. This is a fundamental problem because we all know that YouTube is aggressively censoring material that is outside of the mainstream paradigm. I think it's important that instead of posting a link, we should be downloading a file, then uploading that file to the archives here, so that if YT takes it down, the information will be preserved for prosperity. And what's more, it will be in our hands, and we won't have to cross our fingers that someone crossposted to BitChute. For a more comprehensive telling of why we should take this seriously, check out James Corbett's episode The Library Of Alexandria Is On Fire.

There is a quick and convenient Firefox extension called YouTube Downloader that I would recommend for this purpose. I think it would also be important to be able to embed files from the archive directly into the Forum. If there is a way to do that now, it's not clear. And even though there are comments on the archive files, people really don't go there to have a discussion.

At the very least I highly recommend able bodied volunteers to transfer relevant videos to our archives so we can continue to share and discuss information after links start to go down.

Posted : April 30, 2021 4:32 PM