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Darren Grimes | Empire, The Indian Act of Canada, & The Residential Schools

Topics Covered: Child Abuse, Christian Conspiracy, Conspiracy, COVID, Freedom, Scandals

San Diego THC Meet-Up Announcement

Topics Covered: Coming Soon

Carey Gillam | The Monsanto Papers, Glyphosate Damage, & Corrupted Science

Topics Covered: Big Ag, Conspiracy, Glyphosate, GMOs

Michael Wann | The Field Of Dreams & The Merchants Of Death

Topics Covered: Big Pharma, Elite Families, Movies, Nature Of Reality, Nazis, Symbolism, Synchromysticism

Joint Session Bonus Show | Magic, Circumcision, Synchronicity & DynCorp

Topics Covered: Joint Session

Troy McLachlan | The Saturn Death Cult Revisited

Topics Covered: Capstone Cabal, Cosmic, Electric Universe, Esoteric, Occult Conspiracy, Satanic, Saturn

Sofia Smallstorm | Synthetic Biologists Vs The Federation Of Natural Life

Topics Covered: Big Pharma, Conspiracy, Health, Technocracy, Terrain Theory

John Klyczek | Ed Tech Privatization & Digitally Dehumanizing The Classroom

Topics Covered: Big Data, Conspiracy, Education, Globalization, Technocracy

Dan Winter | The Physics Of Magic, Language, & Plasma Beings

Topics Covered: Fractal Reality, Language, Nature Of Reality, Otherworldly Entities, Plasma, Science Of Magic, Secret Science, Spirit World, Word Magic

Dr. Pam Popper | Fighting Medical Tyranny, COVID Policy Consequences, & How We Win

Topics Covered: Agenda 21, Big Pharma, COVID, Health, Solutions

Alison McDowell | Graphene World Order, The Bio-Surveillance State & The Better Story

Topics Covered: 5G, Agenda 21, Big Data, Conspiracy, Technocracy

Joint Session Bonus Show | Eugenics, Alien Spaceballs, & Grimes

Topics Covered: Joint Session

Bruce Fenton | Hybrid Humans, Entity Involvement, & Alien A.I.

Topics Covered: AI, Ancient Aliens, Conspiracy, E.T. Agenda, Genetic Engineering, Ufology

Merrily & Patrick Harpur | Mystery Big Cats, Daimons, & The Otherworld

Topics Covered: Cryptozoology, Spirit World, Spirits

Wayne Rohde | Vaccine Injury & Dark Truth Of The Vaccine Court System

Topics Covered: Big Pharma, Conspiracy, Corruption, Health, Vaccines