THC+ Gift Subscription

You can purchase a THC+ subscription here as a gift for someone else.

If you want to sign up for or renew your own THC+ subscription, the gift option will not work for you. Please go here instead to do that.  

Process Steps:

  1. If you have an existing account on, first log in to your THC account before purchasing the gift subscription. Otherwise, proceed directly to the next step.
  2. Select the subscription term you want to purchase from the purchase options further down this page. You will be purchasing the first billing term for the person you are gifting the subscription. For example, if you select the monthly subscription, you will pay for the first month only. It is up to the person receiving the gift subscription to continue paying for future subscription terms. The same logic applies to each purchase option. 
  3.  Fill out the initial purchase form with your information, not the person’s information that you are purchasing the gift subscription for.
  4.  Once you complete the initial purchase form, you will then be presented with a pop-up form titled “Send Gift Email” asking for the details of the person you are purchasing the gift subscription for. 
    Gift Subscription Pop-Up
    Fill out this pop-up form with your name, the email address of the person you purchased the gift subscription for, and a personal note you want to send to them about the gift.
  5. Once you submit the pop-up form, the gift receiver will receive an email explaining how to setup their THC+ account.
  6. After completing the gift purchase, you will also then have a “Gifts” tab in your THC account management dashboard where you can see if the gift has been claimed and resend the gift email if necessary.
    Gifts Tab THC+ Account Screen

Purchase Options: