THC Music

What started as just a fun way to round out the production value of THC, ended up being a major thing people like about the show, and something that a lot of other podcasts have emulated. That thing is the THC cover songs that have been made over the years. Many people have asked to know more info about these songs, and this is what I can tell you:

With only one exception,  (Corn Mo) these are parodies/covers of popular songs you might know. I re-wrote the lyrics myself, and hired artists to preform the renditions. Some are a lot more “Weird Al-y” than others, but I really enjoy doing this kind of thing. Sometimes it’s hard for an artist to match exactly what’s down on paper, which can make for occasional clunky delivery, but for the most part I think these have been great. I make them available to download here, if you’re interested in hearing them on demand.

Lauren Silva:

The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance (Vampire Weekend cover)

Good People (Jack Johnson parody)

Behind Blue Eyes (Limp Bizkit version cover)

Hello From The Higherside (Adele cover)

Brick (Ben Folds parody)

Mr. Spaceman (The Byrds cover)

Bunker (Thunder by Imagine Dragons pover)

Screwed (Rude by MAGIC! parody)

Trust Yourself (Love Yourself by Justin Bieber parody)

Nick Tetrault:

Revolution (Beatles cover)

I Put A Spell On You (Screamin’ Jay Hawkings cover)

Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics cover)

American Scream (Alkaline Trio cover)

Real World (Matchbox 20 cover)

I Saw The (Masonic) Sign (Ace Of Base cover)

Tony Party:

The Weather Song (Weezer’s Sweater Song parody) 

The Plate Scrapers:

Bluegrass Bumper (original work)

Corn Mo:

The Higherside Song (original work)