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MA meetup Nov 20th details - I am the host

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November 20 meetup scheduled for THC fans (MA, NH, VT, ME CT, RI)
Link to details:


In case anyone from the New England area is curious about taking a road trip...

  • Boston, MA (30 mi) approx. 35-55m *Public Transit
  • Providence, RI (40 mi) approx. 40-55m
  • Manchester, NH (85 mi) approx. 1h 30m
  • Hartford, CT (120 mi) approx. 2h 0m
  • Portland, ME (130 mi) approx. 2h 45m

*Public Transportation (Middleborough/Lakeville Line): The ride from South Station is almost 1hr. The closest stop from the venue is 7 miles but not walkable, and about a 10 min drive. Bridgewater MBTA Commuter Station: 85 Burrill Ave, Bridgewater, MA 02324
It is a college area so Lyft and Ubers are usually available. I'm happy to help out with rides, just send me a message.


If you want to make it a full day, you can check out...

  • The Freetown Ledge (Freetown State Forest)
  • Solitude/Suicide Stone
  • Hockomock Swamp - Algonquin term for "place where spirits dwell" (part of Lake Nippenicket)
  • The Lizzie Borden House (Fall River) - anyone else remember singing this song? "Lizzie Borden took an ax, and gave her mother forty whacks; And when she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one."
  • King Philip's Cave (Metacomet’s Cave) - “King Philip” was the English name for Metacomet, the sachem, or chief, of the Wampanoag people.
  • Anawan Rock - The place where the Wampanoag surrendered to English colonists, ending the bloody "King Philip's War," 1675-1678.
  • Mayflower Hill Cemetery - I've never been but heard stories about a haunted rocking chair gravesite.


I've never listened to it but there is a podcast called "Bridgewater" (

  • It's an audio fiction series (seems kinda mainstream), but I did hear that it presents real stories and myths about the Bridgewater Triangle such as satanic cult practice, disappearances, the redheaded hitchhiker, giant animals, bigfoot, UFOs and light orbs, pukwudgies, and native american ghosts.