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Chris Knowles | Post-Gnosis, The Rude Awokening, & The Siren’s Shepard Sacrifices

Topics Covered: Collapse, Culture Creation, Media, Occult Conspiracy

Vera Sharav | Medical Tyranny, Child Abuse, & The Alliance For Human Research Protection

Topics Covered: Agenda 21, Big Pharma, Child Abuse, Medical Experimentation, Nazis

Tony Merkel | The Confessionals: Cryptids, Portals, & The Paranormal

Topics Covered: Cryptoterrestrials, Cryptozoology, High Strangeness, Occult, Paranormal, Spirits

Dr. Gregory L. Little | Origins Of The Gods, Sentient Plasma, & Shamanic Contact

Topics Covered: Cryptozoology, Magical History, Paranormal, Plasma, Shamanism, Spirits

David Whitehead | Canadian Tyranny, Snake Venom, & The Cult Of The Medics

Topics Covered: Big Pharma, Connecting The Dots, COVID, Deconstructing Events

Cathy O’Brien | MK Ultra Mind Control, Mark Phillips, & The Slave Society Agenda

Topics Covered: Covert Ops, COVID, Mind Control, MK Ultra, Personal Stories

Dean Henderson | The Bloodline Agenda, The Babylon System, & The Simple Life

Topics Covered: Big Picture Conspiracy, Deconstructing Events, Geopolitics

Bart Sibrel | The Moon Landing Fraud, Apollo Mission Inconsistencies, & NASA Lies

Topics Covered: Moon, Moon Landing

Alex Trismegistus | Stolen History, The World’s Fairs, & The Last Reset

Topics Covered: Big Picture Conspiracy, Ether, Hidden History, Hidden Knowledge, Secret Science

Greg Carlwood | News & Event Update

Topics Covered: Coming Soon

Allen Greenfield | Sex Magic, The Grail Within, & Manifestation

Topics Covered: Magic, Magical Toolbox, Personal Stories

Daniel Moler | The Shamanic Soul, Psychedelic Awakening, & The Comic/Occult Overlap

Topics Covered: Energy, Healing, Psychedelics, Shamanism

Jeffrey Smith | Secret Ingredients, Genetic Roulette, & GMO 2.0

Topics Covered: Corporate Food Industry, Corruption, Genetic Engineering, Glyphosate

Sean Peter | AntiWarhol, Culture Creation, & The Pop Art Syndicate

Topics Covered: CIA, Corruption, Culture Creation, Deep State

Ole Dammegård | The War On Bitcoin, The Wag The Dog Template, & Media Manipulation

Topics Covered: Agenda 21, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, Geopolitics, Media