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Matthew Lysiak | Fiat Food: Money Magic & The American Diet

Topics Covered: Corporate Food Industry, Corruption, Finance

Jay Dreamerz | Plasma Apocalypses Of The Fractalverse & Our Cartoonified History

Topics Covered: Big Picture Conspiracy, Cataclysms, Plasma

Sean Hanlon | The Hidden Hand Of History, Continuity Of Control, & The 3rd Truth

Topics Covered: Elite Secret Beliefs, Hidden Hand, Hidden History, Secret Societies

Erik Davis | LSD, Drug Portals, Psychedelic Animism, & The Alien Interface

Topics Covered: Culture, Psychedelics

Greg Reese | Cyclical Cataclysm, The Big Secrets, & A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory of Everything

Topics Covered: Big Picture Conspiracy, Cataclysms, Conspiracy, Flat Earth

Isaac Weishaupt | Hollywood Abuse, P. Diddy Intelligence Ties, & The Entertainment Industry Web

Topics Covered: Coming Soon

Dr. DC Ammon Hillman | Sex, Drugs, Jesus, & Snake Venom Assassins Of Antiquity

Topics Covered: Ancient Civilization, Catholic Church, Child Abuse, Christian Conspiracy, Psychedelics

Dr. Gregory Shushan | Near Death Experience in Indigenous Religion, Afterlife Journeys, & Resurrection

Topics Covered: Death, Nature Of Reality, Shamanism, Spirit World, Spirits

David Barnhizer | Conformity Colleges, Education Infiltration, & Weaponized Compassion

Topics Covered: Culture, Education

Dr. Jack Kruse | Light, Water, Magnetism & The Sacred Cows of Health

Topics Covered: Healing, Health, Nature, Nature Of Reality

Patrick Harpur | The Secret Tradition Of The Soul & The Philosopher’s Secret Fire

Topics Covered: Cryptozoology, High Strangeness, Nature Of Reality, Spirit World

Walter Bosley | Ingersoll Lockwood, The Lost Future, & Predictive Media

Topics Covered: Hidden History, Profiles, Time Travel

Matthew Lacroix | The Epic of Humanity & The Suppressed History of Sacred Knowledge

Topics Covered: Ancient Aliens, Ancient Civilization, Hidden History, Hidden Knowledge

Ryan Cristian | Wag The Dog Reality, War News, & Control Tech Nightmares

Topics Covered: Geopolitics, Media, Technocracy

Ronnie Pontiac | Remembering Manly P. Hall, American Metaphysical Religion, & The Pagan Pilgrim

Topics Covered: Esoteric, Hidden History