Alright Higherside Chatters, if you dig into the paranormal at all, it doesn’t take long to realize that thousands of people have had encounters or experiences with strange humanoid creatures that just don’t get treated very seriously in mainstream culture, as if we have some sort of collective denial for what is surely, a crucial element of our reality. And it seems like a perfect storm of carefully crafted social engineering, ego-ic arrogance, and the “sheer terror of true acceptance” have set back our study of this strangeness and our human terrarium to troubling degrees.

And as if little blue/green/grey biological beings coming in the night weren’t enough, a study of these cases finds a few other odd commonalities among experiencers that we would be wise to consider: invasive medical and sexual procedures, teleportation to foreign crafts, multi-generational visitation, missing time, prophetic dreams, implants, shape shifting, memory distortion, meditative states, military involvement, telepathic messages that “it’s all going to be okay”, and maybe even a connection to the state of being we call “Death.”

Well one of the most famous cases of being taken by “the vistors” comes from today’s guest Whitley Strieber, detailed in his 1987 New York Times Best Seller – Communion. A name and title than I’m sure most of us here are well familiar with. On top of writing many highly acclaimed fiction books and hosting the popular Dreamland podcast, Whitley has also followed up on the Communion saga regularly with a string of books that outline each new level of understanding with titles like Transformation, Breakthrough:The Next Steps, The Secret School, The Communion Letters, Solving the Communion Enigma, and more. And after decades of defending himself against the big machine, taking lie detector tests and brain scans, facing the ridicule of the uninitiated, and constantly having to beat back the persistent narrative that these visitors are just aliens from outer space….He has emerged with a new forward thinking perspective, in his latest book The Afterlife Revolution- which was co-written by his late wife Ann from across the river Styx.

See, Anne passed away in 2015, but due to the strengthening of her soul in life, her determination to investigate the big questions, and with the foundation of a protocol established years prior between Whitley and herself – she has provided great insight about the After Death Experience and the curious Visitors Whitley and thousands of others have experienced- and the result is an emotional and informative ride though a unique book co-written between both sides of the veil. It’s a true honor and a pleasure to have him here today, investigating this weird world longer than I’ve been alive: A gifted child of the secret school, the little green men guru, the only THC guest to have been played by Christopher Walken in a major motion picture, and now ambassador of the Afterlife- Whitley Strieber

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