From 1) New Mexico, 1950 The FBI recently declassified a report prepared by field agent Guy Hottel, concerning a mysterious incident in New Mexico. Hottel interviewed an U.S. Air Force officer who claimed that 3 flying saucers were recovered in an unnamed area, and that every craft contained three alien bodies each measuring 3 feet in height and dressed in metallic cloth. The Air Force officer revealed that high-powered radar equipment in the area was suspected of accidentally interfering with each UFOs “controlling mechanisms.”

2) Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Arizona, 1975 On November 5, 1975, logger Travis Walton claimed to have encountered a UFO in the forest. After working with several other loggers, the crew piled into a truck to drive home when suddenly they all reported seeing a spacecraft. While the other men fled in terror, Walton approached the craft. Immediately afterwards, a green beam projected down and transported Walton upward to the spaceship. Walton was discovered 5 days later.

3) Gulf Breeze, Florida, 1987-Present Starting in the winter of 1987, the tiny panhandle community of Gulf Breeze, Florida began to experience a rash of UFO sightings that continue to this day. Local resident Edward Walters claims that on November 11, 1987, he stepped outside and soon found a UFO hovering over him. Within seconds a blue beam shot down on Walters and he heard a voice that calmly said, “Don’t worry, we will not harm you.” Multiple photographs and videos have been taken to validate the area residents’ claims.

4) Hudson Valley, New York 1982-1995 Thousands of witnesses around New York’s Hudson Valley and Connecticut reported seeing “boomerang-shaped” UFOs flying across the skies. Over 7,000 reports were filed over a 13-year-period and a multitude of photographs and videos of these UFOs exist.

5) Aurora Texas, 1897 The descendants of residents from the small Texas town of Aurora claim that a cigar-shaped spacecraft crashed in a field, causing an explosion that was visible for 3 miles. According to family member testimony collected by researchers from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), “a small man” was discovered in the wreckage and was immediately taken to the town cemetery for burial. While some claimed this was a hoax, multiple flying objects were seen flying over U.S. skies during the spring of 1897.

6) Washington, DC, 1952 A swarm of UFOs buzzed the White House, Capitol Hill and the Pentagon in the summer of 1952. Reports of the incident claim that the sightings were confirmed by visual reports, provided by members of the public and pilots along with ground and military radar. When F-94s were scrambled to respond, the UFO’s lights immediately darkened, making detection difficult in the night skies.

7) Exeter, New Hampshire, 1965 On September 3, 1965 several New Hampshire residents living on the outskirts of Exeter encountered a strange craft. Recent high school graduate, Norman Muscarello, filed a police report stating that a large object with flashing red lights had landed in the woods where he’d been walking. When Muscarello returned to the scene that same evening with police officer Eugene Bertrand, Jr., they both saw the object rise up from the woods. Muscarello and Bertrand were just two of numerous people who confirmed seeing the mysterious flying object. The event became known as “The Exeter Incident.”

8) Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, 1965 On December 9, 1965, a large fiery object came crashing to the ground in Kecksburg. At least 6 states as well as residents in Ontario, Canada reported seeing a fireball in the sky. While officials claimed that the crash was nothing more than a meteor, local radio station news director, John Murphy, shot video of the object that he claimed was immediately confiscated by authorities.

9) Alaska, 1986 The crew of a Japan Airlines jet traveling over Alaskan skies reported being followed by an unidentified craft. Although Air Traffic Control in Anchorage confirmed that an object besides the craft had appeared on their radar screens, the plane’s captain was grounded by his supervisors for publicizing the story.

10) Arizona, 1997 In 1997, USA Today reported “something happened in the skies over Arizona the night of March 13.” No one is sure what it was but thousands saw it, dozens videotaped it and people all over the state are haunted by it still. Officials at Glendale’s Luke Air Force Base were unable to explain the reported sightings that poured in from around the state.