Today on everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast:

Big thanks to for their cover of the THC theme song!

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17 responses to “Joint Session – Nov 2018”

  1. Hey Carlwood I am a daily meditator I wanted to let you know that when you say it’s a struggle when talking about meditation, that moment you realize it’s a struggle and your thoughts have drifted that’s is success. Realizing that you have drifted and folding back too your breath or mantra or sensation or sound how ever you practice, is the goal. Think of it as if ur brain if a phone or computer running background apps and coming back to center(breath/mantra and so on) is like killing all the apps. Yea they will run again and again and again but that’s why meditation is hard your are exercising your control over your own mind in a way that is very different than normal, like a memory game or math and reading. The wandering brain is a symptom of the human condition the brain will always wander off and will always desire something. Meditation in this way is practicing your ability be aware and in control of your own mind as much as you possibly can. I hope this helps I know it can be frustrating and seem silly to think “oh I thinking about such and such” and then return to center, but it works don’t abandon it or make an excuse for yourself It only takes five or ten minutes to however long you wish to continue. Give it three to four months like this. It may seem like a while but I like to tell my self that there is only failure when you no longer put in the effort to try. It really applies perfectly for this kind of meditation. And I’ve meditated for quite a while now and it’s still very hard I get distracted easily
    But it’s ok if you feel like the meditation didn’t go well because you can always try again the next day or even later in the day when ever you want to really.

    Ps: you don’t have to sit in full lotus or even half lotus and earplugs help in the beginning.
    it does take a lot of self discipline to meditate every day
    do not get discouraged if u Miss a day or two
    I love the work you do please don’t ever stop if you can help it

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  2. I need a kick to the groin or a email letting me know. I have been with Greg for years I dislike missing cooling stuff but I just harvested some fire so it is hard to remember right now lol.

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  3. Greg, have you heard of Dr. Carl Hart? I think he’d be a great guest. His theory on addiction is very alternative but holds water, I think could be beneficial for some listeners. He’s not exactly a conspiracy guy, but the way he BREAKS down addiction is definitely in our realm and part of the big pharmas control on us? Just a thought. Keep up the good work

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  4. Dude the weirdest part is listening to people call in and say things we personally would also say. It’s unexpected, yet expected. Or greg drinking the same drink that I make at home, for myself. I also didn’t know if it was a White Russian or if I’m just making excuses to consume whiskey in a civilized manor. . I think we are simply just shards of one another, grasping for a like mind. Always amazing shows. Don’t spend too much time reading my stoned thoughts… k later.

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  5. Ugh this site is aggravating sometimes. Somehow I got charged for six months no annual membershi when really I only originally bought one month. Whatever, I love greg and it’s freaking worth it, I would’ve bought the other months anyway. Well now it’s saying it’s going to bill me again in 30 days. It has not been 6 months. Can’t get in to my subscription settings on here for whatever reason. Also can’t watch this video. So now I’m pissed. There it is… I’m sure THC will work the billing issue out for me, but shit I wanted to listen to the smoke sesh man!

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    • Sorry for the trouble, but I am just one guy. Listeners being charged at periods other than what they signed up for is not a problem I’ve seen before. Every charge is reversable and ever glitch is fixable. I don’t know there is a problem though if you don’t contact me via email.

      I will look into this tomorrow and get in touch with your associated email.

      As for the video, it’s just an embed from YouTube so I’m not sure why you’d be having a problem, but maybe with a bit more info on what’s happening when you try, we can find a solution.

      I appreciate saying that the show is worth the trouble, but the system should still work as any other would regardless of the show, so I’ll be sure to sort it out. Sorry for the trouble.

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